Nov 28 10:00 pm

Very bad thing just happened. Very bad indeed.

I think I'll start with the first of my day and work up to the bad, maybe by then I won't feel so much like whapping my face against the keyboard if I do.

Not a horrid day, I took a holiday but knew I would have to go into work at some point to do about 3hours worth of administration. So I spent the morning waiting for the "building maintenance" to show up as they've been evaluating the building that I rent for about 8 months now. Which basically means that once a month or so they come and walk through my apartment open my closet doors, look in my storage room, etc and then say "uh huh"... and leave.

The memo said between 9 and 10am... they showed up at 2pm. Then  I went into the office did my work and came home. I phoned Greg to tell him we could finish this project of his tonight, and that he just had to phone me and wake me up in about an hour or so. I pretty much figured I would doze off, but thought a power nap would somehow suffice. Woke up about 4hours later to find out he'd given up on me and gone home *sigh*. We talked on the phone and fortunately he seemed more pleased that I'd finally slept than that we hadn't finished this "thing". Yet at the same time I was kind of pissed that he hadn't been more adamant in trying to wake me as this means I'll be up all night now, not his fault I know.

But we had a good talk on the phone and discussed this "soiree" we have to attend tomorrow night. Its an opening for a well known / respected local artist. I really wasn't up to it, I'm really bad at these things. I figured it would be the night from hell. Artists, designers, and gallery owners. He'd had lunch with her this afternoon and mentioned that I was sick, so he says we can cancel if need be. She'd mentioned the four of us (Greg, myself, her, and her husband) going for supper next week instead. I think it'll be Greg that turns down the prospect of attending the opening and not me. Which is nice. I'd feel like it was just my own apathy getting in the way if I suggested it, and yeah.... I REALLY don't wanna go. He told me to go back to bed and not let myself wake up. I'd rather he invited me over for a few hours before he has to sleep. It's understandable.

SOOOOOOOO... (this is where it gets BAD), I go to the store to load up on cigs, caffeine, and sugar (in anticipation of the night of the living dead. I'm standing there with all my purchases and getting  ready to leave, just waiting for my debit card to clear. ANYWAY, long story short, insufficient funds. We try it twice and still the same deal. I give back my stuff much to the pleasure of the line behind me, which is getting bitchier by the moment, and assure her I'll be back in a few minutes.

Three bank machines later... I'm still insufficient funds. I phone them to find out that they've seized all my accounts to pay for my delinquent VISA. Which annoys me just a LITTLE. I've slowly over the last couple of years crawled out from under a phenomenal debt, and VISA was the last one on my list. I'd started the new and revised VISA budget two months ago so as to enable myself to pay them off over a hopefully 4-6 month period. Which I could've done in a moderately comfortable manner since  I starved to get all the rest of my bills up to date.

So I'm sitting here less than a month away from Xmas, rent due in 2 days, and Greg's birthday staring at me in just over a week. I have exactly $1.87 to my name. Happy Fucking Christmas.

Maybe I'll just roll myself in glitter and that will be my present to the world.

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