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May 6 4:35pm

Gonna peel off a fast entry before I head over to Greg's tonight, as I'm sorta not sure when I'll be home or if I'll be home tonight. With any luck I'll actually fall asleep at Greg's and not have to sneak home once he crashes. And actually there is a good chance of that as I slept from midnight till 8am today. Not bad, eh? When I woke up I was a bit astonished, as this is probably the closest I've come to a "normal" night of sleep in probably 5 months. Normal of course being 8 hours within a reasonable period on the clock.

I've almost committed myself to buying a rather expensive painting. I talked to the artist last night and mentioned that I was hoping of doing a "live-in" with one of her pieces and she was really excited. She has someone else looking at it as well, but told me she'd give me first chance at it. She's leaving for Toronto for three weeks and told me I could hang it in my apartment for that time and give her a decision when she gets back. I'm so excited about this piece I could scream (or is that type in CAPS?). She said she'd let me pay as I can, no set payment plan or anything like that. Which I know isn't that common, alot of people have to pay in full and only then do they get to take the piece home. Whereas I not only get it, but I have the luxury of not stressing over the payments. I'll definitely pay her off as soon as I can, but its great having this luxury to say the least.

I told Greg that this would be my first "real piece of art" and he looked at me sternly and responded with the simple yet telling "ahem". Then I had to backtrack and say I mean the first piece I've bought, I mean the first piece by a well-known artist, I mean the first piece by someone I haven't slept with first. Needless to say the hole just kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger. Fortunately he knew what I mean, and then even used the line at a dinner party as a humorous anecdote. My man IS all that, and then some.

A friend of mine's young daughter has a flyer route, and recently I've been giving her a hand with it. Gives me time with her, gives me flabby ol' self a bit of exercise, and gets some sun on my snow-white legs. A Canadian's legs during the first few weeks of sun after the snow... not pretty, un nuh... not pretty at all. I'm seriously considering taking my camera with me so I can chronicle things NOT TO DO to your house and your yard. I swear, come the month of May you would think that most people would have the foresight to remove the plastic Santa from the lawn. Just my thoughts on it, but I think its something to consider and MARK ON YOUR CALENDAR. Also I'm not sure who told a certain family that a series of plastic penguins would look fabulous glued to the fence posts in the back yard, but again I must suggest something less dramatic. Like, ummmmm....... nothing? Nothing as in, don't glue flightless arctic birds to your fence, instead remember that less is more. Another suggestion, if its not something you've ever seen walking around your yard (AKA penguins) then chances are its not something you should really be placing replicas of around your yard.

That above rant reminds me of something that a friend of mine that works in a restaurant once said to a customer. A woman came in wearing bedroom slippers and my friend asked "excuse me ma'am is there something wrong with your feet?" The woman responded rather bitchily, "there is nothing wrong with me." My friend then responded in her iciest tone "well honey... (she then pointed at the slippers) unless you live IN the building....

Not sure how funny the above was but at the time it made me laugh. :)

What else could I possibly have to say today? Hmmmm, I'm really fighting the urge to talk about how I've set my Cam up to take pics of me at night while I'm sleeping. You know, in an attempt to see just how I look at night, and to spy on my cats. Get an idea of just how often they abandon me in search of excitement in the night. Pretty much the three hundred pics taken last night showed me lying prone and NOT moving the entire night... except for the one time I sat up and then dropped back again. But those kitties.... they traveled the length and width of that bed SO many times it was unreal. They never left the bed, but they sure did move around alot.One shot even captured the baby leaping and I mean leaping, as I caught a pic of her in mid-air, from one pillow to the other. I was a bit unnerved by that as my tender face was kinda between those pillows. The only bad / good thing was not even one single dick shot was produced... unlike Sean Patrick, I apparently keep my covers on at night. In fact it coulda been anyone as the only thing to ever show was a thatch of my hair hanging out from under about 8 blankets onto the pillow. Now wouldn't that be an incredibly boring live cam site or what?

Only exodus would send me a mail quoting my use of the phrase "cum guzzler" yesterday (or was it the day before?), gotta love that.

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