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May 3

I know... no updates in three days. I was up to my knickers in bullshit, work, and stuff. Nothing bad happened mind you, just everything that did happen left no time to be alone with myself or my thoughts. But I did get some time with Noah, and some time with Greg so all is well.

Noah and I did the whole NetMeeting thing and it was tons 'o' fun, if I must say so myself. It reminded me though of when I used to NetMeeting with Jason and he had a cam and I didn't. I used to totally scrutinize his responses on cam with what I was saying in chat. I'd forget that there was a bit of delay and that the cam can slow down, not to mention the connection, etc. I'd get soooooooo hyper sensitive to what I perceived as a "bored" or "disinterested" look. Was supposed to meet with Noah again the other night and then my puter kept crashing as I was overextending it BIGTIME so my own fault. Finally I just went offline and was too tired and frustrated to send him a mail to let him know why I'd popped AKA got tossed kicking and screaming, offline.

Ex... redid his journal, looking good buddy. Actually has a few elements I was hoping to incorporate into my new layout as well. So when ya see my new page darling... I didn't copy you, but rather good taste is possessed by "family".

Can you believe I FINALLY framed two of Greg's pieces... even threw frames on a few prints that have been taking up room in the storage room for too long. My reasoning is ENTIRELY foolish. My mom just got net access at work and wants me to upload pics of my room and apartment for her, and knowing what great taste she has... I couldn't let her see me with bare walls. Even ordered a lamp the other day that I've been wanting for awhile now. I don't care what my friends think of my space, but mom's a different story. When I take my week off of work and go home I have my work cut out for me. I have to make my brother a webpage, and hopefully teach him how to use his scanner more effectively. Then I get to teach my mother how to use her Email and surf the web a bit more effectively. I'm setting up a webpage that will load a pic of me daily off the cam... so that mom can see what time I get my ass out of bed. She got a kick out of that, she just said it would be funny to see if I still toss all my covers on the floor by morning. In case you didn't figure that out... it'll be preprogrammed to click a pic at a certain hour everyday and then automatically upload to the page.

I'm loving my man (shades of Me_7 coming out here) more everyday. He just really is an amazing man. He gives me all the time, freedom, and space that I want, need, or desire. Never plays headgames, and trusts me implicitly. I tell ya, he's all that AND a bag of chips.

Today we watched three really good movies. Shell will have to rent the first one here... Mr. Wrong Guy.. or was it The Wrong Guy? Dave Foley and Jennifer Tilly in an insanely silly farce about a guy that thinks he's mistaken for a murderer. Some of the scenes had us on the floor. The kinda of true stupidity that will make you suddenly start giggling when you're trying to finally fall asleep hours later. Fuck it was soooooo stupid, and soooooo funny. Second up was Star Maps. Unless you live in a tree trunk or under a rock you've heard about this one. Its really good, I recommend it. Young actor, prostitute, sorta deal. Thirdly... Subway Stories. Karen will have to watch this one if she hasn't already, Lili Taylor cameo. Bit like a Robert Altman in that it's cameos in it's entirety. HBO put out a request for stories by New Yorkers about their experiences on the subway... these are the ten winning stories. Definitely worth a watch. Directed by Rosie Perez, attagirl Rosie.

Nothing of consequence has happened the last few days, and I've had no epiphanies as such so I'm not gonna drone on today. Just got lots of sun, worked far too many hours, and had a few too many beers. Oh yeah, spent WAY too much money. This boy needs to go back on a budget and fast.

One short note. I was at work the other day and one of my peers that I know well but not really well came in while I was talking to another worker. She looked at me and asked "where the hell do you work?" She then mentioned the label on my jeans and said something to the effect that if I could afford those jeans then I was doing something right. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not a total label lover or anything, but its kinda nice (in a weird way) when some notices that you're wearing a quality garment. The jeans were Italian, and it'll sound really pompous but they aren't well known by the masses but are one of the more expensive (and well made) jeans available. I was just so shocked as no one has ever noticed that I wear 170 dollar jeans before. And for whatever reason that pleased me, it was more that she appreciates quality. And for the record... I wear cheaper jeans too. Life is not all italian clothing and fabulously designed denim.

I'm rambling... g'nite.

PS: does anyone know how in the hell I can kill Lily of the Valley without harming the other flowers in my bed? Damn things just choke out everything in site.

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