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May 21

Not really sure what to write about today... it was, as usual, an incredibly busy day and didn't leave much time to do anything worth chronicling. HAH, like that's different from any other day James. Sometimes I really overestimate myself.

It did rain, does that warrant mentioning? I was at work and all I got was a brief cigarette outside under the awning. I wish I'd been at home, then I coulda curled up in a chair on my balcony with a hot cup of coffee and a cat. Well except that the cat would probably have just tore across me spilling the coffee and leaving huge tears along my chest, as only a cat can do. So maybe a bad idea, or was it fate that I was unable to attempt such a display of stupidity and moronicability... see that? I just made up a word, and a REALLY bad word at that.

The last few days I've been just exhausted. Seems I'm sorrily lacking in sleep again, but I have managed to get some stuff done so that's Ok. But I'm having one of those weeks where there's lots to do and not enough time to do it. Although this will be done with in ten days, it does seem that alot of this things I'm unable to do now, won't be available once my schedule straightens out, which REALLY annoys me to say the least.

I hate to say it, but I need about a week away from Greg. Seems that the little amount of time we are afforded in a week, has quickly become the only time I have available to do other stuff. I don't regret his time or begrudge him anything, its just that I've been working these extra shifts, which cuts into my time that I have to work at home, but at the same time causes me more homework as well. So its like pissing in the wind right now. And if you've ever pissed into the wind... IT SUCKS.

I wanna go to Me_7's house and ask for one of her Kleenex's to sleep with under my pillow. NO I'm not a total freak, I just want the germs that's all. I wanna get sick and sit home and get paid to look pathetic and have Greg bring me chocolate covered fruit, all the while saying.. "did you eat all those Glossettes?" I'd rather a veggie burger, but it'll never happen. And yes, I did steal the "germ stealing" from the episode of Friends where Phoebe is pocketing Monica's Kleenex's in an attempt to get her "sexy voice" back. I just watch it for the Matthew Perry element. Yep, I have a "thing" for him. I even rented Fools Rush In... twice. He's just too sweet, I tellya. Ok, Ok... I'm a freak. I actually like the show and have started to go and see (or at least rent) all of the movies that star Friends' cast. Well cept for that stupid "Ed" or ANYTHING with David Schwimmer in it, even I have my dignity.

So I just sent Liz a huge Email that contained WAY too much information, but don't worry I'm not at the stalking phase yet, she did ask for specific stuff. I just got to typing and couldn't stop. Speaking of which I have to send Noah a mail and ask just where in the devil he is these days. I hate to say it but the time thing is preventing me. Every minute I spend doing personal stuff right now is time away from my other huge list. I've been having to mark things as "urgent" etc. Just going out to the movies last night felt like a decadence I couldn't afford, but Greg's been letting me know that all this time away is wearing on him. Finally he's making demands on me... *tingle*.

Speaking of which he actually asked me last night if I'd noticed his sex drive increasing. Well DUH. He said " I don't know what it is, but you just haveta stand there and I get all full of sexy thoughts." Told you his use of English was cute. :)

OH, before I forget... GODZILLA ROCKED!!! Don't believe the reviews or even listen to em. If you liked the first Jurassic Park, or love monster movies, then its worth seeing. I loved it. But ya know what I'm NOT liking about movies these days? Computer animation overkill. Its like Ok already we know you can do it but gimme latex. Its just that you can seldom bluescreen it in and have it look really good. Jurassic Park I think was amazing with some of what they did, but not everyone has their money now do they?

I'm soooooooo looking forward to this summer's upcoming releases. I wanna see everything that's coming out. I'm gonna be living at the Matinee once my shifts lighten up, I tellya. I will have a body that was built on popcorn and XL sized Colas.

What else... I got a haircut and its soooo short. I look like a total trendy fag. *GAG* My barber is having a midlife crisis I think, we just aren't connecting these days like we used to. I still love her, but am not sure what to say to her most days. She gave me her favorite quote yesterday though... I loved it... "a great many men, think they are thinking, but they are merely rearranging their prejudices." Not sure who said it, but I sure did like it.

Ok, I'm outta here, I've really nothing to say today...

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