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May 17

So today was kinda fun. Spent the whole time walking around in the rain and enjoying the crispness that only can be achieved when every speck of pollen, dust, etc has been washed out of the air.

My city is split into many sections, mostly shopping districts, so we left the downtown core and walked to the one that was closest. We then spent the rest of the day strolling around and taking it really easy. Had a few coffees, bought a few CD's, and ate a few too many baked goods, but it was a nice low energy day so I felt pretty satisfied come the end of it.

Shandra's been gone since Friday so we've had this whole glorious long weekend to ourselves. I've mentioned before about how much differently we interact when she's not around. This weekend has been no exception to say the least. After getting home we rented vids and then did what men do. That being that we stripped down to our underwear and ordered a pizza... its a guy thing.

We've actually spent almost the whole weekend in our underwear... and out of em *G*. I tell ya, if sex was an Olympic sport James would be bringing home the gold for Canada. Not having her around has totally given us the option to explore that one pinnacle that is so necessary. THAT of course being the "sex weekend". You've all had them. You lay in bed and laze about all weekend, but everytime your partner walks past you grab em throw em down on the bed and growl at em. Sometimes you tear off their clothes, and sometimes you just bite their hips. It ranges from pure lust to slow sensual kissing. But the only rule is that you only get outta bed to get coffee, order food, grab cigarettes, or answer the phone.

During these frenzied bouts of underwear tearing we still managed to watch three videos, none of which were very good (well cept Hercules) so I'm not recommending any of (cept Hercules) them.

I'm still kinda reeling over the last couple of days as Greg isn't the friskiest fellow you'd ever meet. But I think he's like all men in that he thinks he's taller and more sexual than he really is. I on the other hand am a perpetual erection. But believe it or not he actually wore me out this weekend. Kudos to you Greg. Congratulations on a job well done... dare I say several jobs well done? Oh heavens, I do believe I'm blushing.

***grabbing a coffee***

See now here I was thinking that I'd write about all the sex I had and then all sorts of deep and meaningful thoughts would come flooding into my  brain and I could then use them to fill up what was left on this page. Well kids... it's not working for me. Instead my brain is filled with thoughts of naked writhing men and unbridled sex. Damn. So before I try and tell you even more about the sex weekend I'm gonna bid you adieu. Buh-bye... I'm off to have some more sex and stuff.

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