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May 16th... (transcribed from tedious notes)

***I've met a wonderful man and I think we're gonna have a beautiful relationship together. He followed me outta the bank the other day and bought me flowers. Actually, he held up the flowers and said that he wished he could buy them for me, but that he'd left his wallet at home. So I bought the flowers. We laughed and walked and talked and he told me all about himself. I mean... how can I resist... <later in the song> He's married OK, he's a liar a thief and a lousy lover.***

Meryn Cadell (aka my goddess of observation)

I'm sitting at the kitchen table in Greg's apartment and I'm unable to sleep. This isn't an insomnia like I'm used to, I have been sleeping erratically yet consistently... so no concerns. :)

I came here straight from work and will be here pretty much until Monday ever or Tuesday morning I figure. I love that we can spend three days straight together, yet not see each other for seven and its always the same. There's never slights, hurt feelings, or insecurities. He encompasses... correction, we encompass so many of the traits I think of when It comes to the ideal mate and perfect relationship. Well for me at least. I know that sounds silly, but its not a distinction I've ever given any of my past boyfriends, so I have that luxury of just tossing that comment hither tither about these pages. He's the one that regardless of what the future holds, I'll love him forever.

We've discussed everything, yet never fought. We don't agree on many things, yet never attempt to manipulate the other's opinion. We've never gone to bed angry and we've never made love without kissing.


I feel like listing all the things about him I cherish:

1)He makes up phrases and mispronounces words like only someone with an accent can. EG: Flying benches instead of chairlift, and the sun is sleeping instead of sunset.

2)He is never spiteful or malicious and through his silence ensures I remain similar.

3)His humor is cheezy, earthy and sensual, and he ALWAYS laughs at his own jokes.

4)He thinks I'm a pervert

5)He'll rub my butt, undo my pants, and mock seduce me whenever I'm trying to be as professional as possible on the phone, as soon as I "respond" he'll walk away snickering.

6)He loves what he does, and he does what he loves.

7)He trusts me implicitly.

8)He accepts what he doesn't understand.

9)He has complete faith in his family, his friends, and his god.

10)He's good-looking, good in bed, and he snores.

11)He thrives on coffee, cigarettes, and red meat.

12)He's losing his hair.

13)He looks good in funky shades, unlike myself who just looks like a poser.

14)He thinks I'm a culinary wizard. His mother never cooked so if I present him with an enchilada he looks at me like he's five years old and I just gave him his first ice cream cone.

15)He doesn't patronize me with gifts and lets me pay my own way.

16)He knows that my weaknesses are his strengths and vice versa.

17)He's one of the least gay men I know.

18)He respects and accepts all of my friends, family and loved ones. Even the freaky weird ones.

19)He doesn't hide ugly photos of himself.

20)He can go anywhere, and feel he has a right to be there.

21)He's creative, intelligent, and thoughtful.

22)He doesn't deny his sexuality.

23)He loves me.

If I hadn't already made love to him twice today I'd my hauling his sweet self back into bed and having my way with him. Wait a second... isn't three the lucky number? :)

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