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May 14th

So last night after I uploaded that entry a friend (artist) of Daria's was over and Daria was showing her some of Greg's pieces, and she was quite interested and excited about the skill level and imagination involved. So I think I can successfully woo him out of this funk that he insists on wallowing in. I love being an opportunist.

I'm really thinking that I should tell Daria how well the sound travels from the living room / kitchen to my bedroom. If you so much as whisper something in either of those rooms you might as well stand in my room and yell it. Gotta love sound wave dynamics.

This girl was commenting on my painting and how intriguing it was etc. Daria was making every attempt to convince her otherwise and I got a front row seat as to just how petty she can be. I'm not upset so don't get me wrong. I don't expect everyone to like what I like, especially when it comes to art and music etc. Anything aesthetic is entirely subjectable. But it was curious to hear her attempt to sway her in the opposite direction, instead of merely offering her opinion as one that differs.

Have I mentioned that Daria has only commented that "I see you bought a painting by <insert artist's name here>". Yet has never said whether she likes it hates it etc. To me at least. I would at least have said a few things like "are you happy with it? do you  think you got your money's worth? etc" but not her. Nope. No way.

I really spend far too much time talking about this painting don't I? I need a hobby and desperately.

I'm still lamenting over having no time online these days. I see people on AIM and ICQ and just don't have the time to talk to them. There's three people who have sent me Emails, etc and I've been wanting to talk to them, but unfortunately have not had the time to start anything new. I wonder if they'll lose interest etc... I hope not.

As soon as my schedule straightens out I have to make several new pages that I've committed to for friends, etc. That'll teach me. Ok, so it probably won't, but I do need the practice and I tend to be more meticulous when I'm doing something for someone else.

I've nothing relevant to say....

PS: I'm thinking one doing a separate series on each member of my family, like what Me_7 did. I think she must be a more level person as a result. To fully and decidedly purge VS just talking as things arose. That was my initial attempt when I started my journal. To chronicle my past, but my present just kept happening so that I haven't had time to go back and record, except during specific moments. Her series now that it's finished has me wanting more. My reasons would be entirely selfish to say the least. In order to know someone in the present I do feel you need to know where they came from and what they endured. Its on my mind lets just say that for now.

I think what I liked most about that series is that is was clean and uncluttered. When I get talking I tend to  incorporate too many things, as I don't know when I will get back to it. If I follow that example and systematically define it.... then I may meet with success. Instead of just a bunch of non-related thoughts forced upon each other lacking both structure, accountability, and coherency.

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