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May 13th

So today was an OK day. I spent some time discussing pop culture with my roommate up until we were bordering on a fight then I called it a wrap. We don't fight per se, but we do hit impasses often. She's just way to unflinching and it appears I'm the only person that ever disagrees with her.

I do find it amazing that no one ever doubts her. I doubt her and challenge her consistently. To me no relationship is ever based on complete acceptance. Complete acceptance of one person's opinion only means that there is inequality. Make sense? And like I'm rolling over and playing the subordinate for her... NOT.

I'm still whiny and feeling highly overworked, as today was supposed to be my day off but I got called in for two meetings of an hour each. Which isn't so bad, cept that meant I had to wear pants (it was hot today) and that meant that I had to put aside an hour traveling time on either end of my meetings and it all occurred in the middle of the afternoon. Wah, wah, wah.

Maybe I should clarify that I was gonna wear shorts initially today and not run around butt-naked, as my "then I had to wear pants" comment implied, Because... YES, I am in the habit of dressing  (the whole net sighs in relief) when I leave the house in the morning

My evening was boring as hell, as I spent it in front of my computer screen attempting to figure out this whole tables concept, needless to say I lost. BUT I did tape the season finales off Ellen, Drew and Third Rock so that works. I think Daria taped that stupid Dharma and Greg too. But we can't account for everyone's taste now can we?

I gave Greg the slip as I just wasn't up to attempting to be pleasant in the least today. Too tired, too busy, and faking interest is just not in my list of skills acquired by this age. Maybe someday. But he was sweet, he dropped off some things that I needed and we had a quick coffee before I shooed him out the door.

Tonight was a bit of a surprise though, it was one of the first times I've seen him appear visibly annoyed with others. He was really bitchy about some of his co-workers and one of his friends. For the rest of us this is common. For him its most rare.

A friend of his bought a print of his about two years ago. It was the first one he'd ever had done up, and it was more off a test to see how this one piece would look. He sold em at half cost of what it cost to get them printed up, just to supplement the cost. He only sold them to friends as well, as he felt it was a very personal thing.

Basically to make a really long story short, this one friend just bought a painting for five thousand dollars off the same woman that I just bought my painting off of. Greg went over to see it and help her pick a spot to hang it in. She had just gotten this print she'd bought off him framed, and he was admiring the framing etc and giving her suggestions on where to put it. She then looked at him and said something to the effect of "I still remember how much that cost me and just how expensive it was." He just looked at her in disgust and replied "it only cost you twenty five dollars" to which she responded "twenty five dollars is alot of money". I know that what she said really hurt his feelings, and he's still smarting from that comment. I can understand what he's feeling as she just dropped a fortune on another artist, but then will tell him that his twenty five dollars almost broke the bank. I know she has no idea how angry he is over this.

I love his work and I know first hand how much time and energy goes into his pieces, but sometimes (due to the nature of his work) people don't realize just what goes into them. I've seen a few other people be very dismissive about his stuff and I think he's just had it. Usually he doesn't give it a lot of thought but lately he's had it happen a couple of times and he's feeling quite sensitive now. I wonder if my buying that one painting and raving about it has contributed somewhat. But the thing is that the people that do love his stuff REALLY love it. Usually he doesn't worry about the people that don't like it, as no one hates it... its just that some people "don't get it."

But I do... and lucky me, I get him in the process.

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