Mar 8 11:57pm

Tomorrow evening I'm dropping off my computer and FINALLY getting it rebuilt. I want it to be all ready for when they show up on Thursday to install the whole fibreoptics deal. I'm really quite excited about it actually. But then again, I know I'll spend the first week just replacing all the programs I'll lose. But I was able to back some of them up, just not the bigger ones unfortunately. But I really have made a mess of this hard drive, so I'm gonna try and be a bit more discerning in future installations and deletions.

Only thing is I'm relying on Dan to pull a few strings with a buddy of his to get this done for cheap, which means in some bizarre way I get indebted to him for his services. Its not that I can't find someway to get this done myself, but for whatever reason its something he prefers to handle, so almost out of pity I let him do it for me. Its not a mercy fuck, but it must somehow be in the ballpark don't you think?

So I'm trying to get hold of Noah, so that he can take over the journal for a few days, but I've not had any luck thus far. Just left him a phone message, so hopefully I'll hear back in either RL or online. If not I'll just mail him my passcode etc and  hope for the best. But then again I never really confirmed it  with him as to the dates, guess I just sorta ran outta time and noticed the other night what kinda timelines I'm looking at. Just finally got home since the last time I updated so I unfortunately wasn't able to get word to him sooner. I admit I'm kinda concerned as I haven't heard from him in a few days, but then again I haven't responded to his last letter yet. Guess I'm lazy in that if I know people read this journal I sometimes find it easier to address them here as I'm SUCH a lazy mail sender at the best of times. And with that bit of malaise I went through last week I was severely lacking in motivation or words.

Speaking of not sending any mails out, thanks Exodus for all the Southpark stuff. *G* But I just read, after posting that I've never seen any episodes, that a local station will be carrying it on Friday nights in the future. Of course when I went to  note the date, I found out my roomie had dumped the paper out on me. Oh well, it was her paper after all. But Ex did send me a few URL's tonight so I'll go have a peek once I get some things done here. Go and see just how funny these potty mouthed little kids are, are aren't. Can you believe that Exodus has been updating *GASP*. So if you haven't been checking out his page lately then do give it a look, its on my links page.

Also got caught up on all my journals except for one the other day. I'm saddened to see the turn that Rodion and Brooke have had in regards to her mother. But at the same time it's good to see that they were able to come to at least a semi workable arrangement. Hopefully once he gets there he'll be able to convince her mother that this is a serious relationship, and not just a teenager's crush. I really do hope for all the best for them. Why am I suddenly tempted to say "guess you can't have it all, can you?"

I'm back into my steady schedule of work again, now that I'm settled. I was kinda hoping that I could have a few more, or at least one, weeks of downtime to adjust. But oh well, I'll be able to get lots down when I'm computerless I hope. Noticed the roomie has been picking through my junk boxes, which I admit kinda bugs me a bit. Its not a huge deal, but at the same time, I'm never really certain what's in those boxes to begin with. But I'll talk to her about that tonight if I see her before bed and all.

Have I mentioned what a charmed life this girl leads? She strolls into town and finds a roommate and an apartment in the first three days. I know people who've been looking for months to no avail as of yet. But then again, in that regard her good fortune is my good fortune as well... so I'm not complaining. But the other day she applied at a production company and at one of the more exclusive restaurants in town. And guess what... uh huh, she got both jobs. She applied for the waitressing job, to be told that she probably didn't stand a chance as so many people were re-applying, but after a fifteen minute interview they ended up giving her the manager's position. The person who recommended that she apply was applying for that job, and will now be working under her. And the production company hired her over the phone and have offered her an "as needed / contract" position that will work nicely around her current schedule. The girl is truly got some serious horseshoes hiding in some orifice of her body I swear. She's been talking about finding a car as she figures she'll need one, personally I think she just hates walking myself. So I told her to just sit in the apartment as one is bound to fall on her head if she just stays put. Either that or someone will just pick a number at random from the phonebook and give away a car. And yeah, I was referring to that number being our number and it being her to answer the phone. Just in case you weren't following that right off.

I broke down and called my brother the other day to find out just what he wanted (as he'd left me two messages), and it seems that his girlfriend is wanting to buy my car. That's kinda cool I guess, I could certainly use about five grand at this point in my life. In fact I've already got it spent to be honest, but more on that later. We actually had a pretty good talk. Maybe he's past being an asshole for awhile, or maybe its just that he was sober who knows. But anyway, he only lives a few blocks away and we have tentative plans to go out for a drink one of these nights soon. Could be fun, I would like for him to meet Greg and I've never met his girlfriend either. Just perhaps we could for once meet as adults, and equals. I've got my fingers crossed on both of those, as this animosity does eat me up terribly, and I know its really hard on our mother. We'll see.

As to having the money spent all ready... Greg calls me at work tonight, which is a bit of a surprise as he never does that. He's almost giddy sounding and asks when my next holidays are due. Seems that an old friend of his has invited him to come for a visit and he was thinking that perhaps we should go and see her. And yes its a definite cool option, as she lives in Paris. Once before he'd been talking about taking a holiday, but I was under the impression he wanted to take himself to San Fran to see Alcatraz, and yes my feelings were quite hurt in that he'd never asked me. We've planned this tentatively for around Sept/Oct of this year, so as to avoid all the tourists. Best of all, we have a place we could stay in Monaco and another in the Southern french countryside. I'm really pleased with this, I've never made plans with a b/f that went beyond a month in advance. I know I obsess on this alot, but at the same time it confirms to me his commitment to our relationship. And just the way he describes it, the two of us passing a week in the southern countryside... how can I possibly say no to that proposition. I've even started my budget for it, deciding how much I'll need to put away each cheque so as to ensure that it is a comfortable stay and all. But should I sell my car... not only will I be able to afford the trip, but I'll be Ok to buy a painting that I've had my eye on for awhile. As it currently stands it would have to be one or the other, as the painting will come out roughly to about three thousand Canadian dollars.

Not bad for someone who was hanging his head and moping around less than 36 hours ago...

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