Mar 3 3:51pm

*** A true friend is someone you can phone and say "I'm dying" and they bring you Band-Aids***

George Alan O'Dowd

So I'm FINALLY all moved and except for a few boxes of junk, and organizing things like the CD's and movie tapes, etc... I'm all done. My new roomie is just a maniac in  that I'd turn my back for a few seconds and she'd have everything torn apart and put away.

A friend rented a truck and helped me move, it only took us two days in total, and I made one last load in the middle of the night last night *phew*. I forgot how tiring this whole thing is, every muscle in my body aches. I never even realized that there was no elevator in this building till we moved in, I somehow had myself convinced that there was one. DUH.

I'm really impressed with how she's organized the furniture etc. I admit I kinda left that up to her as I've been so exhausted and busy, but I figured she'd have some definite ideas as to what she wanted to do... and I was right. Just gotta finish framing some prints, etc and it'll be looking quite complete. Oh yeah that and shampoo the furniture... *groan*. But I'm really happy with this place. As I was moving I kept finding more and more things wrong with the old building and management, so I'm not regretting this one bit. Glad to have done it all in one shot as well, as initially I was gonna move in slowly and take my time. Now I realize that I would've been feeling so scattered and unstable as I'm not good with alot of change. To drag it out would've been just killer on me.

Dan lent me his car last night to finish up my last load, but the prick wouldn't help me move anything, Greg was unavailable and the new roomie was moving her own stuff. So basicly it was just me and my friend with the truck. But it coulda been worse I guess. The landlady and her husband here are just WAY too sweet. And I have SOOOOOOOOO much sun. :)

OK, nuff raving about the new pad.

I totally abused on Dan verbally in an attempt to lure him into helping me haul stuff up to my apartment, don't snicker... it usually works. This time it was a no-go, which surprisingly enough pleased me. It pleased me in that he usually goes out of his way to appease me, and this time he didn't. Could it be that his spine implant has finally kicked in? But he is being nice in that he's lending me his old internet account to leach off of, until I get my service installed, which should be middle of this month. I'll take him out for supper in a few days. There's a great Turkish restaurant around the corner from my house, that I haven't been to in a million years. Have I mentioned how much I love this neighborhood yet?

I'm going to help Greg at work tonite and then we're going out to play billiards... FINALLY. Feels like we've not been out in ages. Not to mention we've only managed a day a week now for the longest time. He stopped by last night on his way home from work, and gave us a hand organizing. Later I stopped over at his place, but had to head out to pick up Dan's car to finish my last load up with. He's been so sweet lately, I noticed he's quite openly affectionate with me in front of the roommate, which is nice. Not that he's repressed or uptight, but for the most part we don't act very intimate in front of Shandra it seems.

If today's entry keeps jumping around, I apologize in advance as I feel quite scattered at the moment. Too much change all at once. I'd forgotten how it felt to have someone else in my space as I've lived alone for so long now. But it could be kinda nice... I hope.

I'm gonna wait till tonight or maybe tomorrow before I do any mail etc as I just haven't had time to sit online for more than a few minutes at a time, and it could be a few days till I get that luxury as well. I do need to touch base with Noah, Jason, and Exodus though. I'm wondering though if having a roommate will make me be online less or not. I could be one of those things where the casual interactions daily with her may alleviate my need to be online so much... hmmm, I wonder.

Well I've only got an hour and a half till I need to be at Greg's work, so I'd best head off now.

  I miss you journal, do forgive my neglection of late.

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