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Mar 27 (evening ish)

I'm soooooooooo happy. I had a meeting with my new boss today and she's just amazing. All the things that were HUGE issues with the SOW were miniscule and were written off as N/A on my paperwork list. Its amazing how much better I feel, like a huge weight has been lifted and is no longer relevant. I've been just giddy all day. Even made a pact with myself to ensure that I get EVERYTHING in on time from here on out, so as to ensure that she looks great, and everyone is left wondering why she whipped me into shape in one month and the SOW couldn't do it in 12. Yep I have a "rep" as on of the best manager's but a horrible paperworker. I do think that was my only saving grace during my whole time under the tyranny of you-know-who.

I got my phone bill today, that little call to Jason was actually not so bad a kick in the ass as I thought it would be. Thank god for a competitive market. We're talking right now on ICQ and I'm tempted to ask him to phone me and talk. I'm somewhat bored, really tired, and ecstatic all at the same time. Still just beaming over the new boss to say the least. Have you noticed  I have a tendency to perseverate?

I'm really not sure what else to write about except that I was up ALL NIGHT working on paperwork and organizing stuff for work and then spent the morning faxing it all over hell, and translating Email into Hungarian. Exciting eh? I'm a bit choked as I was feeling lazy and didn't wanna update quite yet since nothing happened in my day, but when I went to read all my regular one had updated *sigh*. So this did seem like a good idea at the time.

I had thought about applying to the Tabloid Dreams Web Ring today and was cruising journal sites as a result. I'm STILL just amazed at the pretension displayed by some of the webmasters (but mostly the mistresses). Some of them are downright bitchy and nasty. The woman for the Tell Me site had the most unwelcoming introduction to her page and even had a site linked in to stand as an example to what she didn't want in her ring. It made me that much more impressed with what Rachel wants to accomplish with her site. I love when I read posts by people like that. Shows integrity versus an attempt to use what limited power one's readership can have to hold over other people. Definitely shows poor taste and a personality to match, I'm sure I needn't define which of the above sites displayed which.

Gotta get back to work here so I'm gone...

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