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Mar 26th ~1pm

**One tequila, Two tequila, Three tequila... FLOOR!**

~t-shirt slogan I saw the other night while I was out and about~

The internet gods have frowned upon me... so if you only see a few paragraphs... hit RELOAD as this page doesn't seem to be (for whatever reason) loading in its entirety. Then regret doing so... as today's entry is a rambler :)

So I decided to start this early and then go from there today for whatever reason. I'm actually getting ready to go to the IMAX with some friends right now. I'm a sucker for that big screen. Today's movie du jour is Everest. And for the bargain basement price of ten bucks... Hey, you just can't go wrong.

New journals. Me, My life, My words and Sweet Surrender. Def have a little peek if you haven't already. Sweet Surrender is by the woman that runs the new webring Tabloid Dreams. I really love what she states on her info page for the ring. Its similar to how I'd like my ring to run... yeah right James like you'll ever get it running. HEY, I might. *feigning pout*

I've been trying to play with the layout of this page, but I'm quickly learning to stick with what I know it appears. I have this one theme that I'd like to use, but no go. Cause, ummmm... I'm a pinhead. All I appear to be missing right now is the BIG hair, pink nails, and frosted lipstick. Oh yeah, and don't forget the "don't ask me I'm just a ...." HEY, wait a minute just where is this going? Turn my back on you for one second and you're in cyber-drag. Oh sorry, guess it was me that was in cyber-bimbo-drag. But I'm sure you handed me those six inch pumps, I'd NEVER wear anything higher than four inches. Honest.

God that got off track didn't it? I've been reading a friend's new journal, I'm taking the liberty of giving her that title against her will BTW. And its bizarre in that, I feel I know her more in the first three entries than I could know her in a million E-mails. Well ok, maybe a thousand E-mails. I'm feeling a little personal right now, so I'll stop before I say something that will make me look like Leo Puscaglia (sp?).

I think that once you start journalling, and you just start to write. Then things come out that you would never tell people in real-time. Its a time to muse without any interference and no fear of interruption. Its Quiet Time. Now git yer blankies kids, and join yer uncle James on the blue mat. Ick, that sounded bad. You got the idea I'm sure. Know why I know that? Cause yer def my favorite, really you are. Cause yer smart. Just my attempt at singling every single one of you out and making ya feel attached to me. Did it work? :)


OK, I'm home now. *sigh* Everest was a bit of a bust. I won't bitch it out too much. Except to say that my one friend that I went with and mused with following had this to say. "You're amazing in that you notice stuff about movies, film, etc that no one I know will spot, and if they do spot it they don't know how to clarify and articulate what they've seen. You're a tough one to please." That made me feel good, like she was acknowledging my intelligence and knowledge in that area. Well cept for that "tough to please" comment, although its true.

OOOOH, someone signed my guestbook. Yes, for all of you who never signed it, I do have one. So that's been my entertainment thus far this evening. Reading the new journal that is. So far I'm really enjoying it, I could repeat what I said earlier on up in the page about my friend's journal. Ummm, but that would be repetitiously redundant. (I made a small joke, did you see it?). So when I'm done here I'll drop her a mail, and give her a poke in the chin.

Can you believe I accomplished hordes tonight. Therefore, I'm feeling almost giddy now. I know my malaise has gone away... to be replaced by an almost manic grin. And hey, I do this WITHOUT Prozac. :)


I'm definitely going to heaven, no ifs ands or buts about it. I was travelling home tonight on the train, and met a bewildered traveler. He'd gotten off at the wrong stop and was confused as to his whereabouts and his eventual destination. I wrapped him in a cloak of hospitality, and ensured his complete understanding of where he was, where he had to go, and how he could get there. I advised him of the safest route, and YES I even rode the train with him to his destination of departure. The first leg of his journey so to speak. Despite the fact that I was going in the opposite direction, and would subsequently arrive home an hour later than usual.

Following this sojourn into the mind of the Good Sam, I was feeling all smug and saintly as the train took me to my stop, and this kept me warm till I was half a block from my home. I of course was imagining all the kind things he'd say about me when he got back home to his native land, how'd I'd become a cult icon of legends, and eventually the whole town would chip in to commission a statue to be carved from the weary travelers memory. He'd say things to the artisan such as "although I received his great kindness over fifty years ago, I can see his face halo'd by the streetlights as if it was yesterday".

The same time the townspeople were hoisting the statue and renaming Christmas in my honor it dawned on me that I'd dumped him off at the wrong train station, and instead of having to walk only a half block to get to his departure point, he'd actually have to walk over three blocks. I was crushed to realize that my marble statue in the town square would be replaced by cheap poly-resin dashmounted gum dispensers. And instead of being the benevolent foreign angel, I would become a sinister trickster that lies in wait to deceive those who go abroad.

Eventually I'd be reduced to the ambiguous deceptive spirit that is instrumented to manipulate young children into behaving and minding their parents, in an attempt to prevent vanity and pride. "Stick close to mommy now, you know what happens to children that feel brazen enough to set off into the world instead of honoring their parents. They meet up with HIM!!!! He's a sneaky, vile demon, that masquerades as a man. He has teeth that are ten feet long, and talks with a lisp. He'll pretend to befriend you, but will instead take you to his lair and he'll eat you alive and keep your soul in a jar. Now don't you think you'd be better off staying on the farm with Mommy?"

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