Mar 19 11:50pm

God I'm so tired... guess I never got caught up on my sleep the last few days as I thought I had. Actually had a four day stint of insomnia prior to my few good days adjusting to Greg's schedule. Have I mentioned that absence makes the heart grow fonder? Just my lazy way of thanking all of you who welcomed me back, you'll get flowers and cards soon enough.

I've actually been "almost" doing my own HTML here, as I downloaded a replacement copy of FrontPage 98, but ended up with one that requires a serial vs the crack code and so far NO LUCK *HINT* *HINT*. So my extent of HTML'ing is just cut and pasting old entries and then deleting and replacing the body paragraphs. Pretty cheap, eh?

My day at work was hell, mostly consisting of having WAY too much to accomplish before tomorrow and regardless of this knowledge everyone still abused my time. So in essence I accomplished nothing and am WAY behind on what I need to finish before noon tomorrow. But to hell with it, once I finish here I'm crawling into a hot bath and then into a cold bed with lazy cats. Actually not so bad that I have so much to do, as they're reno'ing my kitchen tomorrow and I'd just as soon be out of the house when they're here. I have this thing about workmen... I love to watch them, hate to be here when they work.

Priced out TONS of computer stuff today and have what excess cash I have almost spent, or did I mention that already this morning when I updated? On my hitlist are a new printer, scanner, and webcam. Of course the printer is the necessity, the webcam is imperative, and the scanner is just an expensive toy. Albeit a necessary expensive toy, but you get my drift. Daria wishes I had the cam now so that we could chronicle the renovation of the kitchen from work... actually she's just REALLY distrustful of people she doesn't know. I assume its a girl thing, but she figures they'll be in her room screwing around. Oh to be young and have such an ego. :P

BRB - gotta find that URL for the Kitty Swimsuit competition... here it is. So go here vote for Monsieurs Jack and Joshua and one other cat... now don't forget YOU LOVE Jack and Joshua, OK? Really kids I don't ask for much, just vote for the boys and we'll get along just fine. And not to be demanding or nothing, but you gotta vote today as the contest is closing on the twentieth... and I'm not sure at what time. So def do it while you're under my seductive spell of persuasion. Maybe one of these days I'll enter my own girls and then you can see just how cute my babies are, but what the hell... let's give some other kitties a chance before they retire the crown upon presentation of such loveliness.

I know I promised something worth reading but I'm really exhausted and really constrained for time yet once again so I'm gonna cut this short and just give the skeletal entry that I'm capable of. Feeling pretty overwhelmed still with so much going on that I need to attend to. I can't imagine how I would've found the time last week so I probably did you a HUGE favor by taking that break. :)

If anyone attended the premiere of Primary Colors... I NEED to know, just how cute was John Travolta???? Huh, huh, huh???


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