Mar 18 11:50am

Ok, Finally I'm back. Been so busy lately and really haven't had much time to update. To be honest I was also lacking the motivation to do so. I wanna thank Noah for taking over for me while I was away, although I definitely have to ask him about his comment in regards to never keeping a journal himself. He was right in that I thought this would "get his feet wet", actually figured he would be putting one up eventually. But of course that's his business and all, but he knows that I make his business my business quite regularily. Anyways, I'm glad I chose him, I think he did a great job and am pleased that he accepted. I did think he was going to continue until the 16th but then again I'm known for not being to clear sometimes on my intentions. :)

Initially I'd tried to continue updating on paper and was gonna upload em all online at a later date (today), but I lost interest. It was bizarre writing em all out on paper and then having this horrible feeling that someone would find them, yet I think nothing about posting everything on the net daily. I'm afraid today's entry won't be terribly long as I'm short on time, but I'll write more when I get hom tonight after work.

Speaking of which this week is gonna be hell. Meetings, meetings, meetings.

Did the usual last night and played pool for an exceptionally long time. Greg had the day off of work as 75% of businesses were closed yesterday. Yep we had a record breaking 40cm of snow in 24hours, 60cm outside of the city. Therefore we got there early and played forever. We'd gone early as we had several other people that were gonna join us... Greg's friend, his son, the Femme Fatale, and Shandra. Actually everyone is trying to set up Shandra and the friend's son as they are attending the same English classes. Well actually the same institute, different classes but you get the idea. He's really a cute guy, so I hope that we have some success there.

Anyways back to Greg... we've had a great week. I've made an effort to put some other stuff on hold and just make as much time for him as I could as it feels that we haven't had much time together lately. It's been really nice actually as I've been sleeping regular hours and am there when he wakes up. I did write out one entry and mailed it to myself, hopefully I'll get a chance to upload it tonite. We've had a bit of a "breakthrough" in that I've told him about my childhood, specifically the abuse. But more on that later.

Can you believe that Shandra has been being my buddy lately? She seems to think that we are bonded for whatever reason. That's kinda nice and I find that I'm starting to like her. Kinda like when a friend has a pet that slowly starts to grow on you, its a similar feeling. Everytime I look around she's within arm's reach. When she's drinking she talks my ear off, but the rest of the time she remains most discerning in her words and uses them sparingly. At one point I looked around last night and I was the only native English speaker in the bunch. Greg's friend and his son are from eastern Europe, so between the two languages I was only catching sporadic bits of conversation. Thats not a complaint, just an observation.

Been trying to catch up with Noah and Exodus on AIM, but I haven't seen them online when I'm here. Could be that I've not installed the right handle into AIM as well, as I've just reinstalled all my software since rebuilding. My computer kicks ass by the way. :P

What else... not much in my brain as I type, buying a new printer, saved over five hundred dollars for my trip, priced out web cams, got a notice that last year's taxes weren't filed and I need to vote for Nancy's cat in a beauty show. I'll actually plug the site in my next entry and will include the entry form page, and YES I do expect you all to support him and vote as well. I'm not much for beauty contests, but am curious as to the swimsuit competition. *snicker*

On that note I have to get ready for work

Type at ya more... tonite.

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