Jan 8 4:31am

Today's entry is in loving memory of El Nino...

Yep you guessed it, the temp continues to drop. For the longest time I was thinking that this unseasonably warm winter was gonna last forever. *sigh* Guess not. Oh well, El Nino did all that he could. It's somewhere between -30 and -40 outside, and inside my apartment its not a heck of alot warmer. As usual my landlord refuses to turn the heat up very high. So despite the fact that the thermostat is turned all the way up, I'm still sitting here in long pants and a sweater.

If you looked closely at my front page you probably noticed two changes. I received the PRIDE award and I joined the Gay Webmaster's Guild. WOO HOO. I'm quite pleased about both of those actually. Never belonged to a guild before, outside of Dungeons and Dragons that is. So I'm hoping that there is at least a secret handshake. Decided that I need to focus more on teaching myself HTML, and I hope this will be a start. Blah, blah, blah.

I went to see the doctor at the walk-in clinic near my house today and he was shamefully unconcerned with all my complaints. Said I didn't need any antibiotics or nothing, just water, rest, and Vitamin C. So I spent the day in bed, with Greg bringing me movies and the above stated elements as well. I slept a good part of the day and woke up for good at two A.M. and decided to come home. Greg works at eleven so I didn't wanna wake him. Also I figured that he probably needs a break from my headached, wheezy, and congested self. I actually feel pretty good, the doctor wrote me off work till Saturday which is kinda nice. At the same time though, I'm really bored and am thinking of going in tomorrow or Friday anyway, just to break up the monotony of my life.

Oh yeah, one really tacky note about my doctor. I was talking to him and when I looked down I just about fell off the table. The reason being that this man's.... ummmm, his "basket" (genitalia, crotch, jewels, etc) were in such unnatural proportions that you'd have to be a fool not to notice. I swear to god it looked like someone had stuffed a baseball (or two) down his trousers. Of course this serves no real purpose other than to alleive my own desire to state, "WOW, I saw a man with a really big penis today." I almost wish you coulda seen it, then this would be more of a repoire... rather than just me sounding like a size queen (which I'm not BTW). But it was a once in a lifetime find I tell you. OK, enough about Dr. Big Penis.

I've been responding to Email and doing some websurfing since I got home. Seems all my friends insist on sending me tons of ridiculous URL's and asking "so what do you think?"... which means I get to go and dig through the site and Email them back to say "now what was the question again?" My brother sent me some "layered marketing" sites tonight, and I just hate attempting to make sense of any site that could be a possible con. You usually have to read the whole thing, while they talk in complete circles, till you find the catch. I'll look some other day I just don't have the time, energy, or desire tonight.

We never went out the other night BTW. When Greg came to pick me up he said I was to sick to go out and took me over to his house instead. Which was sweet I thought, he put me to bed and kept bringing me Crystal Lite *GAG* and cough syrup and Tylenol. He said he was gonna nurse me back to health, and he did a pretty good job I might add. Except once I get better and can phrase it better in the form of light hearted inquiry, I'll have to ask him what Glossette Raisins have to do with healing. He kept bringing me boxes of them and insisting I eat them. Which I did.

Shandra has made a friend :) apparently there is a girl in her English class that speaks her language and they are roughly the same age, I'm actually kinda happy for her. Her professor is sexually harassing her, but she is most flattered by the attention. He comes up behind her and rubs her shoulders and addresses her before he'll ask the rest of the class questions. I was actually looking at her tonight and wondering why. More in a general sense of what attracts one person to another sort of thing. I look at her and I just see a juvenile silly girl, maybe I'm missing the larger picture. She was kinda sweet today though, she brought me chocolate covered cherries to help me feel better. I'm not sure what's with these two and their chocolate covered fruit therapy, but I might as well enjoy it while I can. Wonder how long I can milk this sick thing for?

Greg was kinda funny tonight. Not funny HAHA but funny odd. I never told him that I knitted etc, until once he came over to my house and asked where I got the afghan that was on my bed. I told him that I'd made it and he was dumbstruck. I'd heard him making fun of an ex roommate that he'd had that knitted so I'd not mentioned it prior. But then tonight he was talking to Shandra, as she'd received a care package from her parents, all her bedding from home so that she'd feel less homesick. And he was commenting that he couldn't sleep under alot of weight, and this lead into him telling her that I can crochet and knit, etc. But anyway he starting bragging about it almost, and kept telling her about this amazing blanket that I'd made and how proud he was that I had this "skill". It was weird in that I've heard my father talk about my "skill" in a similar fashion, almost bragging about it to people. I always thought that both Greg and my dad would be the two people less apt to wanna discuss that their son/boyfriend has this skill. Go figure. Greg asked me to knit him a toque tonight and a pair of socks. *sigh* I hate making socks.

One last note, I got a haircut about a week ago, and I look REALLY cute. =)

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