Jan 6 4:20pm

Well I'm still sick, spent the entire day on the couch watching talk shows and drifting in and out of sleep. Supposed to be going out with Greg tonite but I'm really waffling on the idea. I want to go out, but I feel so cruddy that I know it would be a mistake. Not sure how well billiards and beer goes with pneumonia.

Supposed to be starting back at work tomorrow as well. Not sure what to do about that whole idea as well, do I just go back and put in my four days till the weekend, or do I phone in sick? No one ever believes that you're sick if you go on sick days after holidays now do they?

So anyways in lieau of an actual journal entry, I'm gonna knock off a page I read from the "most useless webpages of all time list". Stuff that is within arm's reach of me. Which means that I'm gonna sit here and chronicle what is within my direct reach. Exciting eh?


First thing is the  wallmounted light that I just leaned over and turned on. Its one of those small lights that would usually be mounted over a picture or piece of art. I use it here because it gives me soft light. I'm really against harsh lighting, best way to destroy the look of a room.

Two computer speakers sitting on either side of my keyboard, which are currently playing the soundtrack from High Heels. And yeah, the CD is in Spanish, and NO I don't speak Spanish.

Two empty coffee cups. I tend to drink alot of caffeine while I'm on the computer and often forget to remove my cups. I'm one of those people that only moves all his dishes once a day or so, especailly if I'm on the computer.

A promotional flyer for the movie Scream 2. I picked it up at the movies the other afternoon, as I wanted to visit the website to enter the contest attached. You can win a getaway to any city of your choice in North America, or tons of Scream 2 clothing, CDs, etc. I entered the contest today.

Two finger rings, one engraved silver, one brushed copper. The copper one was given to me by a good friend who is wiccan and insisted I wear it to battle the arthritis in my fingers. The other was the first promise ring that was given to me. My ex boyfriend had it made for me and had one made for himself. He sold his, I still wear mine. I still have arthritis BTW.

An overflowing ashtray and two empty cigarettes pack. I chainsmoke (mostly at the computer) between one and two packs of Rothman's Kingsize a day.

A call display phone, with every attachment known to man on it. I'm one of those people that must have every single feature humanly possible available through my phone. Don't ask me why, its some bizarre need, I use less than half the features available.

4 remote controls. One for the TV, one for the stereo, one for the Digital transformer attached to my cable system, and of course one for the VCR. Almost all of the remotes have been programmed to work with all the other components, but of course they are so limited that you still need to have the original nearby.

A stack of books. Including numerous German texts, the phone book, American Sign Language text, and various writings by Mark Twain, Jane Austen, Daniel Da Foe, and Washington Irving. Not to mention some pop culture, true crime, and a few books on HTML coding, web page editing, and astrology.

My wallet. Which is painfully empty.

The clothes I wore to bed last night, I have this awful habit of not picking up my clothes when I'm sick. And yeah, I disrobe at my computer before I go for my shower after checking my mail in the morning. Usually I have the good sense to move those into the diry clothes that I keep in the laundry bag in the closet of my bedroom. Just not today. NOTE TO SELF: move pj's into laundry pile.

A choker from Malaysia. A friend brought it back from a trip and gave it to me, its nothing I'd ever wear but it still hangs off my light. I often think of her while I'm sitting here.

A headphones and speakerset. Its hanging off my light as well, I often forget to change the plugin back to my speakers for sound, so I often end up wearing them most times when I'm sitting here. Fulfills my long term goal of being a Time Life operator, or at least of looking like one.

A stack of Xmas cards that I have yet to decide their fate. Do I throw them out, or do I save them? I'm sure I'll throw them out, but its such a romantic thought to save em.

A fertility statue. HAHAHA

A small bronze tripod chauldron that I use for burning incense in, it sits next to my jade buddha. And beside that is a small silver box that holds my Frankincense. Yep, I have real Frankincense, cool eh. A friend that works in the middle east has decided that I really love Frankincense (I don't) and he always sends me some with every letter or visit. I burn it when I'm thinking about him.

A small pad that contains the real names, phone numbers, and addresses of several of my Net buddies. Only really useful over the holidays if I ever decide to send mail. Less than half of these people have ever gotten a card from me. A third of them I don't even talk to much anymore.

Last but not least, tons of computer disks, software boxes, and various other computer type paraphenalia. I could list it all, but I'd rather you just look around and I'm sure its similar to what you have within arm's reach of you.

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