Jan 4 5:00am

So today was a write off, I slept far too late and woke up just in time to have Greg phone me as he was getting home from work. I quickly checked my mail, and then had a shower and headed over to his house. We hung out far a bit, and surprise surprise... Shandra actually made an effort to talk to me tonight. Apparently she's starting English classes in a few days and Greg ragged her out, told her that she'd never learn any English if  she didn't get her ass in gear and start using what skills she had. She still makes whatever effort she can to monopolize his time, but I've learned how to shush her. She's not so bad actually.

After this we went to meet his friend to celebrate her last day in town before returning home to Ontario. But the silly goof went out on a date before showing up at the bar, and btw she showed up an hour late (we went half an hour early to save her a table... oh yeah, and Shandra tagged along). When she came she brought the date with her and was pretty stoned on mushrooms and not even slightly attentive or coherent. Greg was getting increasingly pissed off, and rightfully so. She begs us to go and ensures we all get there at a certain time, as she's terrified that she'll be there by herself. And what does she do? Shows up stoned and spends the entire evening with her hands all over this guy's chest.

The point at which she motioned us over with a wave to sit at a table where her, her date, and another woman and her husband were sitting, was the point at which Greg said "we're outta here". It didn't help that the woman that she was sitting with was someone that had thoroughly ripped me off in a business venture. I'm not sure that she knew this, but Greg knows the story well. He admitted later that it was just the icing on the evening, and I'm glad for that because if he had sat there... I would of just waved goodbye on my way out the door. What she and I shared is pretty much irreparable. On the walk home Greg was pretty pissed off, but he's great... he says his spiel about how choked he is and then that's the last you hear of it.

And since the video store is on the way home... we stopped off to rent Last Dance, Texas Chainsaw Massacre2 (on Widescreen), and For Roseanna. I watched Last Dance after everyone else had gone to bed and found that I cried towards the end of the flick ALOT. I actually was really impressed with it. And for me to feel this good about a Hollywood flick is not common. They actually avoided many of my major complaints. The love interest conflict wasn't overpowering and dramatic, the scenes were simple and minimal, as were the numbers or characters introduced. No major last minute break through dramatic moments (well except for one). Only necessary dialogue and the actors reacted like you could imagine that people would actually react in similar situations. I would definitely have to say that if you haven't seen it yet, then rent it soon. Very much a "just the facts ma'am" sorta movie, almost had a very clean feel to it, with minimal clutter that ruins most flicks.

Once everyone was asleep I found after watching this flick I still couldn't sleep, like that's a big surprise since I slept all damned day. So I grabbed my coat and decided to come home for a bit, I stole his keys so that I can just sneak back in before 7am or so and grab a few hours sleep. We are meeting our matinee buddy to go see Titanic (finally) tomorrow. She went to the fetus' father's house tonight so I'm sure she'll be all bruised and battered (egowise) tomorrow and we'll have to spend the most part licking her wounds. Not that I mind or nothing. I just hope that he surprises us and responds well to the news. But we both feel that he'll let her down and that this will really fuck her up. The poor girl.

Jason and I have been doing a little ICQ'ing while I'm composing this. I wonder what the odds of luring him onto NetMeeting are, or if I should just put some time into installing all these programs on my puter or not.

I'm kinda worried about Exodus 3 too, he hasn't uploaded his journal in quite awhile and hasn't responded to his mail in awhile either. Either he's on some major holidays or.... I'll just wait and see.

I'm limiting this to a "what I did today sort of entry" cause I'm just not up to thinking too hard today. I'm way tired and just really not into it.

Oh yeah, the reason I got evicted was because they have sold my building and are gonna turn it into some hideous little condos. They tripled the rent due in 3 months, knowing that this would get everyone out of the building so that they can renovate it. Really pisses me off too, but there's not like I have much choice I figure I'll start looking this month for a new apartment to rent. The vacancy rate in this city is zero right now, so I'm gonna need some major luck finding a place to live. Maybe I'll do the shared accomodation thing. I hate it, but I may not have much choice.

Also it finally snowed and we had a major temperature drop. Went from no snow and a plus ten temperature to a foot of snow and minus 30. Knew that this good weather wouldn't last forever *SIGH*.


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