Jan 31 11:58pm...

I found a guestbook signing... followed it to a journal... discovered a list of facts 'bout journalers... and created my own. I'M A SHEEP.

Inane Stuff 'bout me...

Most common misperceptions about me in RL:

That I'm moralistic and that I listen as intently as I appear to.

Most common insult given by me:

"Could you be stupider?" (interchangeable with bigger, sillier, more boring, etc)

Things I DON'T get:

Leonardo DiCapprio, Matt Damon, Motivational Speakers, Lip Gloss, Supermodels, Diets, The Spice Girls, Southwestern "motifs", theme restaurants, religion, landscape art.

Things I DO get:

David Duchovny, X-Files, Dungeons and Dragons, hot chat, phone sex, cats, web cams, spirituality, Harrison Ford, Kevin Spacey, John Waters, Degenerate art, and pornography.

Physical Presence:

5'11", 165. Blk/Gr. Moderate build. 8 facial piercing. One tattoo.

Most Common Beration:

"Duh, how could you say that about yourself....!!!! DUH!!! DUH!!! DUH!!!

Most Common Self Compliment:

"I'm really cute in this light."

Most Common Compliment given by others:

You have beautiful eyes. (sure baby)

Most Common Quasi Insult given by others:

Do you ever shut up?

Favorite Family Member:

Adoptive mother.

Least Favorite Family Member:

Drug addicted step-brother.

What I woulda named myself, had I been asked:

Bren William <insert last name here>

Earliest recollected memory:

The texture of polyester *shudder*.

Fav Author(s):

Jane Austen, Daniel Da Foe, Washington Irving, Jeanette Winterson, Salinger.

Least Fav Author:

Someone who writes romance. Pick a name any name.

(and NO Austen IS NOT a romance writer *sigh*... she's a biting satirist.)

Fav boring book:

Pamela by Samuel Richardson.

Least fav boring book:

Nicholas Nickelby by Dickens... could you be any more boring?

Fav Street Artist:

Jenny Holzer

Fav Comic Character:


Least Fav Comic Character:


Fav Musician:

Nina Simone

Least Fav Musician(s):

Too many too list.

Start with Boys2Men and work your way up to Barbra Streisand and Celine Dion.

What I wanted to be when I grew up:

A prospector.

Things few people know about me (and I seldom divulge):

I've studied karate, dance, chemistry, and voice. I've shown Arabian horses and I'm an initiated Dianic Witch. My IQ is rated at genius-level, but I have my serious doubts. My EQ has not yet been tested.

The one thing I've never told another living soul:

Yeah right, I ain't telling you either.

The thing I most often sign in GuestBooks:


Highest number of signings of the above in one night:


First person I ever fantasized about:

John Travolta, circa GREASE. Not including my grade two teacher Mr K****.

Fav tragic icons:

Joshepine Baker, Betty Paige.

Number of times I've been photographed naked (to my knowledge):


Number of times I've intentionally (and unintentionally) exposed myself in public:


Fav online journal:

My own.

Miscellaneous stuff:

I'm a taurus rooster, I've never had sex with a woman (I've come close - no pun intended), I have exactly 37 food "sensitivities", I seldom eat meat, I have no birthmarks, I once ate a worm on a dare (I was 8yrs old), I threw up after eating the worm, and I want children (preferably all girls).

Stuff within arm's reach of me:

... this stuff

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