Jan 30 8:35am


Initially I tried to add some words, thoughts, and stuff. But I've abandoned that concept as it just isn't working for me. I'm going to have a shower and burn all my clothes.


Jan 30 6:45pm

*** sometimes I'm a bit too intimate***


I'm hungover somewhat, and feeling relatively "icky" overall. I went out with an old friend last night and drank way too much, and then of course came home and was drunk on the net. I'm hoping I didn't do nothing too stupid. I know I sent out a few mails, but if I remember correctly I was in OK shape when I did that. I'm not an obnoxious drunk, or at least not if I don't drink too terribly much.

Maybe its the alcohol, I don't know, but I've been berating myself about my relationship with Greg all day. I'm not even sure whats upsetting me about it, it just is. God I can't even find a reason, thats gotta be bad. I'll drop this train of thought as I've really no idea where this is going.

I have stuff piling up again that I just have no interest in accomplishing. Maybe I'm overwhelmed. It just seems that in order to accomplish everything that I need to, would mean running at a maniacs pace at all time. Thats not how I can function, I'm one of those people that definitely needs "down time". I need my own private interests (like this journal), my time alone, and just basic vegetating time. I'm exhausted.

Someone found my journal in a search engine on Gay Pages, and caught me in a lie. I'd entered a town that wasn't the right one, I never actually expected that anyone from that town would ever find me. But at the same time thats kinda nice as well. That he found me, not that I lied. I was attempting to retain anonyminity with that lie... not that it really matters.

I'm fighting the urge to update on the journals I read, cause hey if you wanna read em you have the time. I figure that means that I've nothing to say and was just gonna kill time in here. Thats a waste of your time and a waste of mine.

I'm outta here...

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