Jan 27 4:03pm

***Have I told you yet today how much I love YOU???***

Me- about 3minutes ago, to my cats.

Last night just dragged on for an eternity. I get to Greg's work and have to totally reorientate myself to their system, programs, etc before I can start scanning all these pics. Then of course I have copy them into these documents and figure out how he wants the setup. And of course he'd just sorta stick his head into the room on his was by, blurb something out and keep going. I was starting to get a little pissed off to be honest. I just wanted him to sit down for half an hour so I'd be entirely certain of what it was that he wanted.

They have one of those annoying little hand scanners too, so of course I ended up having to actually tape a bunch of these stupid little pictures to the desk. as everybody and their dog has been hauling them around the office. HENCE, the little beggars are all dog-eared and nasty looking. Some were too big so I had to scan them in several pieces and then "stitch" them together. The lighting was horrible to, so I got stuck adjusting every single pic's contrast, focus, sharpness, size, etc.

Couple of times he'd stick his head in and say "aren't you done yet? I wanna go home." That's when I snapped at him and said "Well maybe since I'm volunteering my time I feel I can waste it any way I see fit." Can you believe that he laughed? So much for my passive aggressive way of stating "Fuck off, and stop bugging me." 5 hours later we both said fuck it and just went home. I still have about a third of it to do yet. Sometimes I desperately wish that the boy would show more interest in the computer. But for whatever reason I think he gets off on the fact that we have such drastically different interests, makes us more of a "team" I think. That company owes me... BIG TIME.

We got home and ate, and I tried to watch "When a Stranger Calls" but I was out in under five minutes. By default and exhaustion I've actually been sleeping regular hours this week. Tonight we've rented The Abyss on Widescreen, Greg is a total James Cameron freak.

Shandra's been such a freak lately, she keeps standing by me and will totally make eye contact and when I look at her she starts to giggle. But not giggle cute, rather giggle annoying. Its like she's trying to look like a little kid that knows she's cute... 'cept she's not cute (least not to me). Greg says that if I'm not around she asks about me all the time, and will tell him that she misses me. She's even taken to standing in the window on occasion watching for me, so she can run down and open the door for me. I find this particularly creepy as she still won't speak to me, and for the most part I ignore her. Greg and I just refer to her as the highly dependent daughter we never wanted.

Damn, I'm outta smokes again.

I scanned a few pics of my Xmas holidays really quickly, namely all the ones of me with my friend's pets, and several of my nieces. It was more of a joke actually as Jason always says that pics of men with babies is a turn on. So first thing this morning I had to ICQ him to death. As long as he pretends to be turned on, I'll be happy. Actually there's more developing there than I really have time to chronicle, but I'll get to it in a few days. Give you a hint though. He still turns me on.  :)

I've been playing Fallout almost obsessively this morning, but I got pissed off and turned it off. Was gonna write a scathing letter to the company till it dawned on me. Actually "it" dawned on me as I was wording the part that goes "when I spend good money on a game..." that was the point it surged up as "ooops, I never paid for that one.. maybe I'd best keep my mouth shut." So instead I gave the rest of my morning to Warlords3. And naturally I was "totally victorious"... I just feel so butch when entire Civilizations crumble under me. I try so hard to get my friends and family to spend more time playing "good" games, but instead all they ever waste time on is that horrid series of Sim games, Quake, Doom, and WINDOWS (shudder) games. One game of Heroes of Might and Magic 2 and they'd be hooked I swear. OH YUCK, I just had an urge to play the truly inane Acrophobia... slap me, AND HARD!!!

I'm feeling kinda lonely right now, and this is very uncommon for me. Most of my friends are overseas right now and that's a bitch. I'm slowly losing touch with too many of them. And none of them are internet accessible, or if they have it at work they have no idea how to exploit it. It dawned on me though that Greg is working late (till around nine) and so he told me to meet him at the pool hall and reserve a table. Very casually he says to grab one "of your friends" and I'll just meet you there. Hmmm, doesn't appear I have any friends in the country at the moment, guess that's what got me thinking about it. Most everyone on my ICQ list is online, but I want someone to actually sneak out into RL with me. You know the deal, go for  Vietnamese food, or lattes, or pizza... just pour through maybe Vanity Fair, Details, or People and slag every living soul in there. Make scathing comments about the people waiting for the bus, or the other customers... and DEFINITELY the waitress. Or if its a waiter refer to him as "her" well within his earshot. Oooooh, I know what I want to do tonight.... go and see a band. I'll check the papers, and then my phonebook. Guess I should find the friend first and the band second, eh?

Another thing that's bugging me is... all this fuss over president Clinton. Enough already. It was old with Gennifer Flowers, it was ancient with the big nosed Jones, and its damned tedious now. If you spread your legs then you should really keep your mouth shut. Only one orifice allowed open at a time. OK Monica? PUH-LEEZE. I can tell you right now that if I ever get the fortunate opportunity to sleep with Clinton the only one I'm gonna tell is YOU. And I'll be counting on YOU to keep it to yourselves, OK?

I'm outta here...

PS: Vlad if you're reading this then resend that Email addy, I lost it... actually I deleted your mail without adding you to my address book. So if you're still interested get back to me with that.

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