Jan 23 1200am

I just want this day to end. I was up all night working on paperwork then spent the whole day uploading it all onto disk and redoing all my spreadsheets, etc. Then I in all my infinite wisdom destroyed my paper copies as I figured I'd just WinFax it all into work, thus avoiding going in. But after a couple hours I get a call demanding to know where all my work is. I respond innocently enough "why heavens... I faxed it all in this mornig". To make a long story short none of it got there and I'm in major shit. So I spent the rest of my day fucking around on the computer and attempting to find the problem, plus I still had to finish my schedule, etc. I eventually lay down to catch a few hours sleep before heading in with what I could drop off, and I wake up 4hours later to discover I'm late for work and the office is closed already. So I go in and work till eleven pm anyways, get home at midnight and have to be at a workshop at 7am in the morning. I'm really exhausted.

But I talked to Greg tonight only to have it dawn on me that we haven't talked since Monday, I'd almost forgotten that I had a boyfriend till he phoned. He's been going into work at 6am and working till 10pm as well all week. He's got tomorrow off and Saturday, but I'm in that stupid course and then I work Saturday and Sunday. I'm really missing him right now.

My landlord accosts me in the hallway as I'm coming in tonight, and just won't move so that I can get into my apartment. And as usual he rubs his crotch not so subtlely all the while leaning close enough to touch me. Fuck that drives me nuts. He's this somewhat older, almost handsome sort of seventies fag, and he even borders on butch. But of course he blew the whole butch facade out of the water tonight. He was raving about this pink couch that he just had delivered, and how upset he was about the building going condo as he'd just finished painting his apartment "robin egg blue". I could of thrown up on him right then. I think he had an erection.

Oh one other charming note, I was waiting for the light to change on my way home this evenig. And I was not so casually eavesdropping on this guy that was talking to these two transexual prostitutes that work just around the corner from my building. He was doing all the usual stupid lines "yah, well I'm new to this city, just in from **** (a really small town about 4 hours away) and BLAH BLAH BLAH." The point at which he was asking them to join him for coffee, I wanted to lean over and said "honey, they're hoes". He would of  just looked at me dumbfounded. Guess I could of leaned over and brushed the hay seeds out of his hair as well, but I just didn't have the energy. I doubt he even knew that they were men. NOW WOULDN'T THAT BE FUN!!!!

Never realized how bitter I was feeling till I started to update this... so much pent up rage, perhaps I need to go on a killing spree and release some of this energy and frustration.

***I stole my sister's boyfriend and it was all heat, whirlwind and flash... within a week we killed my parents and hit the road.***

*Sonic Youth*

...not sure that the quote is entirely accurate, and I'm not gonna go dig out the CD. I've quickly sent out a few mails and am heading for a hot shower. I'm hoping that I can have a power sleep, maybe about 4hours or so. Then I can have some time to fix a few things on the computer before I head out this morning. I also have to hit the bank, and then drop some stuff into the mailslot at work before 7 as well. No wonder I'm so stressed out and tired. BUT tomorrow night I'm getting pissed and having lots of sex. I feel so neanderthal just thinking about it.


PS: one of my fav skits was on Kids in the Hall tonight "Sex Girl Patrol". Its too campy and seventies to be true.

PPS: The Spice Girls were all over the media tonite... there must be an ointment to get rid of them. I bet the Spice Girl Movie is the equivalent of two hours of Sex Girl Patrol, just not as good.

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