Jan 21 7:09am

**theme for today... BUSY BUSY BUSY**

I'm swamped with paperwork, meetings, and errands. Actually been up most of the night woking on stuff, and I'm still not close to finished. Just threw on a pot of java and figured I'd type while it brews.

I had time to meet Jason for about ten minutes and got to listen to him rave about Madonna's new single and album covers. I swear that boy gets positively wet over her. I in turn raved about Kevin Spacey, I found this extensive picture gallery of Kevin on the net and have been devouring it. I've stolen tons of pics off it and am not close to finished yet. Not sure what it is about him, but he just reeks of sex appeal and sensuality. Yep, I want him.

God, I've hardly left the house in the last three days. Mostly up nights, sleeping days, and working or internetting during my "awake" time. I'll become one of those crazy old people with like ninety cats and a facial twitch that makes all the neighborhood children cry. Well we all have our dreams don't we? Haha, not my fault if I tend to aim a little lower than the average guy now is it?

Since I've only visited with the Chinese guy that works nights at the convenience store down the street, I'll have to limit today's entry to net stuff and net people. I actually kinda have a thing for him, the clerk that is. I was buying a "naughty" book one day and he very casually says... "page 84 is my favorite, I love that type of man".... and guess what kids? Page 84, looked markedly like myself, except for the killer body and humongous penis... on the pic that is. But the same black hair, green eyes, approximate build and similar features. But I think its his sweet nature that I like. One day I was in the store and I was feeling pretty down and all. Wasn't terribly talkative and just sorta hurried out. But when I got home I found that he'd drawn a little happy face on the back of my receipt and had signed it "I'm sure he's not worth it". That was awfully darned sweet I thought. Although I wasn't distressed over a man, the message was definitely there.

Thought about Jaeyde alot today. Today was the one year anniversary of her sexual assault, and I hope she's doing OK. I hope she does know how many people are behind her in all of this. I lit a candle for her and it burned well past midnight, so it definitely made it the whole twenty four hours. That's gotta be a good thing. ];-)

I got a mail from a new net "buddy" tonight, but unfortunately haven't had the time to respond back yet. I had wanted to mention him earlier in regards to an issue I was yammering about, but was a little apprehensive as I didn't want to drag him down to my depths of depravity and all *G*. Also I wasn't quite so sure if I could assume such familiarity yet. Sooooooo anyway, tonight he mailed me and asked pointblank if we could "be friends". I do think that is one of the sweeter things anyone's asked me in a very long time. I've had a little grin on since I read that, and I'll send a response as soon as I have the time to give it the attention it deserves. I think he reads the journal but I'm not entirely certain, so I hope this doesn't PO him... me writing about this and all. But I love the thought of where this could lead in regards to a friendship. From what I've gathered he's intelligent, considerate, sensitive, and so far so sweet. So it'll be fun...  but maybe I should warn him that I'm a real shit as I ALWAYS have to pick the movie to see on matinee Sundays. And regardless of what happens I'm ALWAYS the pretty one. In case you didn't catch it that last demand was a quote from Torch Song Trilogy BTW.


I've been talking to my cats an inordinate amount of time these last few days. Could be encroaching mental illness, or I'm just starved for real talk VS the two dimensional communication of being online so much. My cats are just too sweet though. The little one has taken to pulling threads outta my socks since I got this new chair. Its harder to reach her or to turn around due to the positioning... so she knows she's good till I try and shake her off for the third or fourth time. She knows that's the point at which I'll actually raise my lazy ass of the seat and come searching or her.

Oh yeah, another building inspection today... usually I wouldn't care, but this is getting to be a bit much. This is like the 8 inspection since probably September of last year. They give us three days notice that they'll be invading our apartments. I hate it, specially if I'm home when they come. Three of them stood over me and watched me online the last time. "So what are you doing?" AURGH!!! Like I wanna explain to them the intrinsic need to check out the flight patterns over the pacific ocean for that day.

Must go and be productive....

P.S: Jame Lentz's diary is back up. I'll upload the new addy in as soon as I can.

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