Jan 13 6:47 am

I finally found someone who has this same flu and is as sick as I am. I was starting to think that I was just really fragile or something. A friend of mine in Texas has it as well, we met online tonight and he helped me figure out something that was making me insane in one of my graphics programs. Now i'm shaking my head that I couldn't figure it out on my own.

We had a pretty cool talk he's a lot more intelligient and insightful than I'd given him credit for in the past. We discussed all the politics and motivations behind the behaviours of people we both know online. Was kinda nice and then of course we shredded a few homophobic newbies just to round off the night in a clean fashion. I'm sure its of absolutely no interest... but here's the pic that I altered tonight.

I have to stay awake till my staff brings the payroll by this morning... I'm soooooo tired, I just wanna go to bed. But alas payroll is due. My life is just one big trauma after another... *sob*.

Initially today's entry was going to contain a huge section on the comparison between gay and straight culture and talk about why gay men tend to be so slutty. But now that I'm ready to write it down I just have no desire to share. Ok, so I still have the desire, just not the energy. I'll sum it up as gay men enjoy sex and celebrate it. Once you remove the concept of procreation outta the equation it frees you up to have sex for the sake of sex. THE END. Or something like that. But of course I had planned on using flow charts and having a spokesmodel demonstrate key points. But flowcharts are unenvironmental and spokesmodels expect WAY too much cash.

I didn't see Greg tonite as I was just feeling too ill, I also fell asleep in the afternoon and then slept until almost 9pm. So basicly I stood him up. Once I got up I met Jason online and we cruised Joan Crawford sites looking for pics to bastardize. I realized how awful I was when we were slagging "Christina" for that awful little book of hers and how Joan had gotten a bum rap over that deal. Then I realized how I expect people to understand how being abused affected me and still does, yet I minimalize Christina as she's a public figure. Hmmmm, go figure. But I do think that poor Joan (and Bette) must still be spinning in their graves over those naughtly little tell alls. Oh Barbra how could you write that awful book about Mommie? And Christina... didn't I do all that I could? Maybe someday I can write a book and acheive as much disdain and mockery as Christina has... now there's something to strive for.

Can't type... losing consciousness...

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