Jan 11 (transcribed from written notes)

Actually this entry is from the 10th but I'd already uploaded for that day so I just listed this one as the 11th.

So I'm at work right now and totally hating it... AURGH!!! When I got in I told my staff in no uncertain terms I was just a warm body, and had no intention of taxing myself. So here I sit... bleary eyed, tired, and phlegm-ridden. I've watched TV, yep I have access to cable, read, and attempted to make a decent lunch out of canned chili. The only really bright part coming up here is that I have a second staff coming in for about 6 hrs, and I'm hoping I can get her to finish my shift for me. The odds aren't great but I can hope (and pray and beg).

Actually caught the last half of a rather amazing documentary on TBS, National Geographic's Explorer - The Cobras of India. Some absolutely amazing footage, there was on shot of an Indian woman and her child sleeping on a mat and a snake passes within inches of them. None of that cheesy stock footage edited in, uh uh... this was the real deal.

Oh yeah, I totally need to whine about something right now so do indulge me for just a moment. I finally get to sleep last night at about 4am or so, only to experience a really headachy and heavy but listless sleep. At 6am I hear this thumping noise and sporadic screams that kept me from getting to sleep fully. I realized that I'd left the computer running and the screams were the sounds attached to my screensaver. Guess I hadn't realized how loud the sound was till that moment. But that annoying thumping noise was my cat "tugging" at the cat litter "liner" and then letting go so that it "thumps" back into place. She hooks her paws in it and pulls back and when she releases it makes this annoying noise that just sends me over the edge. So I roll over and start yelling at the cat in hopes I'll distract her and she'll stop. The only response I got was the sound of my upstairs neighbor pounding on the floor and yelling at me to "shut the f*ck up". So of course I yelled back and then heard him stomping his way outta his bedroom, was expecting him to come down and bang on my door. I was so edgy and tired and bitchy that I'm sure I woulda welcomed a scrap by that point. I actually put a note in his mailbox on my way to work, once I'd reached a state of rationality that is. So I decide I'm not getting back to sleep and get up and figure I'll do a little cleaning before I leave.

Which leads me into part two of my horrid morning story. I was changing my cat box and was dumping the "scoopables" down the toilet. And for the record I know that you aren't supposed to dump Scooping cat litter down the toilet, but if you do it correctly there is never a problem. But of course I was tired and short of patience so I was doing it to fast and plugged my toilet up rather nicely. And as I was realizing this, and attempting to get my slow brain to click in and relax,  I had murky grey water running all over the floor, down my hallway, into my storage room and bedroom. I tear the top of the back of the toilet to stop the water and in the process knock to glass bottles to the floor, one breaks at my feet by the way. I then rip open my closet and gather a stack of towels, blankets, etc in order to stop this "stuff" from flowing any further down my hall, and as I drop them onto the water I realize those are "ALL" my towels and blankets. So once I get all this cleaned up and am actually walking out the door I was almost in tears. Just frustration and being tired I guess. Now I sit at work and I just have the tired headache.

And yes I can see the humor in it now, just took me awhile first *G*.

Looks like a bit of obligatory work is coming my way, later...

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