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If you've reached this site then you are way ahead of me. I've created the ring, but haven't "created" the ring yet. As soon as I get a chance I'll create the graphics necessary, and add the HTML, along with the site submitter, etc. But for the time being feel free to read the description of what the ring will be about, as well visit my site for an idea as to the kind of content I'm planning on including. At this point should you still feel you would like to be included or would be interested in having a second look once the ring is up and running, then Email me and I'll get back to you as things develop.


Ring Description...

The Gay Voices Ring will include sites by gay males (sorry ladies) that attempt to bring the web community into their lives in a more intimate way than just a static bio page. These sites will be ever evolving and will represent more than just a superficial look at a person's life. You must have all original content on your page and that content must express who you are, where you've been, and where you are going. No pages of links to other sites will even be considered, a page of links is OK as that is definitely the norm... but a site of links... uh nuh. Your site can include art, poetry, diaries, message boards, or stories beyond just "what I like to listen to". Sites that tell your story should have regular updates though to prevent it becoming a static page. I want to include sites that encourage people to come back to see how that person is evolving and growing. A ring that the members included can also surf regularly and not always see the same thing. Basically I'm hoping for a genuine sense of community within the members of this ring, not just another ring to add to a page that already has too many graphics.

Sites not accepted are ones that have self-nudity (unless that is your art) as pictures of your dick on a web cam don't say much about you, except that you have a web cam. Anything that promotes intolerance, child sexuality, abuse, homophobia, or hatred against any group. Sites that deal with an individual's struggle with their sexuality are included as that doesn't qualify as homophobia in my mind... just to clarify that. Sites with pornographic themes or galleries... all that says in that you can upload nudie pics. I won't be too stringent about the content or how you chose to express yourself, but on occasion a site may not "sit right" and may be disqualified on that ground, even if it technically doesn't fall into any of the above categories. Sites that actively state negative things about other individuals or sites in the ring, would be removed after the fact. Again this is to be a community of pages, linked through a common desire to further promote our stories and to give ourselves a voice. Not to suppress or minimize the voices of others.

If your site meets these criteria then feel free to apply, or if your site is close... and you think it "should" be included then you too can apply. I'm flexible and open to criticism and persuasion. But ultimately I have the deciding vote and should you not be accepted and want further explanation, then I'm more than willing to elaborate on that as well.

Thank you for you interest in Gay Voices, I'm looking forward to hearing from you in the future.

Feel free to write me or to visit my homepage.


James Patric