Some faces to go with the typing....

So it ain't the most brilliantly constructed page...

but we're talking content baby, not quality. :)

(oh yeah, don't steal the pic of the page prior...

but you knew that already didn't ya's?)


greg1.JPG (98578 bytes)

well, hey there handsome...


greg2.JPG (163520 bytes)

Just gotta pose in front of appreciating art he does...


 greg4.JPG (149824 bytes)

... come to papi, frat boy.


greg5.JPG (70971 bytes)

You draw those?


gregandmb.JPG (71687 bytes)

... with Matinee Buddy.


greg3.JPG (94092 bytes)

A man and his mountain.

(actually the mountain looms behind the photographer, but it is there.)


lookingnastyandtired.JPG (59982 bytes)

token shot of James... yep I was hungover and very tired, so be kind.

The scary part is... this is one of  better shots of me. :P