Feb 9 6am

Sooooo, did ya vote huh huh didja?

I just noticed that I was nominated and accepted for the Totally Cool Queer Sites Award, yep no one told me, so I'm late getting the info onto my page. And I'm counting on YOU the people whom I love more than I love... ummmm, those other people, to vote pour moi. Its personal ya know, someone I hate won that award and my page is waaaaaaay cooler (and queerer as it takes more than nudie pics to make a page queer IMHO), so you do the math. I'M KIDDING.... well OK just sorta kidding.

I hate people who ask you to vote for their sites, but then again my mother always said that we criticize in others what we hate about ourselves. Nah, that's too deep for this early in the morning. I just really wanna join the web ring of people who've won that award. *G* So vote damnit., said of course in my sweetest voice possible, all the while tilting my head "just so" as the light catches my eye to give a look, not of intense psychosis... but rather one of playful scampiness? :) (PS: if you link in here through my index of entries then ya gotta haul yer sweet ass to the front page and vote from there, Ok no more shameless self promotion from MOI.)

I just met with my friend whom I mentioned was going through a manic depressive cycle and she's been "fixed". Her Seratonin levels were through the roof, so they've upped her Lithium and she's feeling good. She's also ending her online affair with a married woman (married to a woman that is) and that's been really hard on her to say the least. I really love this woman, we've been friends for over a decade and I think she's about 15 yrs my senior. YET, my mother still refers to her as a "sweet kid". Oh no mom, tis you who is tooooooo sweet for words. :)

Incidentally I have a phone date with mother for lunch. Occasionally we meet on the phone and eat our lunch together. We love food so this works nicely, and we love each other even more so its a nice combo. I'm thinking I'll run out a pick up a falafel sandwich for the date. She'll no doubt eat some drab crabmeat something or other. I told her she has to pack a "special lunch" for these dates... no sandwiches of ham and cheese, no sir not for my mom. (henceforth adoptive mom will just be referred to as mom, and biological mom will be referred to as BioMom or some variation thereof).

I wanna clarify something quickly... I got a message about my comments the night I said "I'm fighting the urge to update on the journals I read... that would be a waste of your time and a waste of mine". What I meant was that I had nothing to say and was "about" to use that as my excuse to not have to think of anything to say... and NOT that I thought journals that give updates are a waste of time and bandwidth. Cause I do allude to things that I read in other's journals and I enjoy when people do give those sorts of nuggets et al. Ok, I'm done moving that foot outta my mouth *G*.

***Thus I have given a "tedious brief" account of this interesting research, for which, if it proves too short and unsatisfactory, I can only plead my inexperience in this branch of literature, so deservedly popular at the present day.***

Washington Irving

...slick eh? Putting the quote at the bottom and having him apologize for such a mindless entry.

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