Feb 8 5:22pm

***Importance may sometimes be purchased too dearly***

Jane Austen - Pride and Prejudice

I know I don't ever talk much about my job except to say that either I'm tired, annoyed, overworked, or underpaid... I felt I should explain that. This is the definite difference I'm willing to acknowledge between this journal and a paper one. As this one is accessible by anyone with net access I'm legally not permitted to divulge any manner of my employment. I would lose above stated job if I was too mention it, its content, responsibilities, or particulars. I know that sounds stupid as its not a life or death employment, but yet it is shrouded to a large degree in confidentiality and secrecy. Only a select handful of people know the address of my employer and even less know the phone number to me during working hours. The main office is public knowledge but my individual job site is not common knowledge nor is it something I'm supposed to indulge. Naturally I talk about my employment with close friends and lovers, yet I'm not supposed to divulge anything more than the nature of my work never the particulars. Just thought I'd get that out of the way before I started to ramble on about how exhausted I am, and get mail in return stating "and what is it you do again". So here goes.... I'm exhausted. Ok enough about work.

I was walking home tonight and I passed a public service announcement billboard against the ails of street prostitution. It showed a girl in thigh high boots, tight top, short jacket, big hair, and lots of makeup... the caption read "she wishes she'd stayed in school". Right beside it was an advertisement for, you guessed it, SPICE WORLD, and needless to say my initial thought was "ohmigod, they found the sixth Spice Girl." Hmmmm, not sure how you spell mixed message where you come from, but here it's spelled S*P*I*C*E. Who knew that dressing like a prostitute could earn you millions.... every young girl that's walked past these ads certainly knows now.

I'm supposed to phone Greg when I'm home, which I obviously am, I wasn't sure how I'd feel once I got home tonight so I lied and told him I wasn't sure when I'd be getting off tonight. I'm almost considering phoning him and saying that I'm too tired to come over. I really am wiped out, and I have to finish up a ton of documentation and evaluations this evening. So I either stay home and just finish it so that my trip to the office in the AM is uneventful, or I wait till he goes to bed and then come home and finish. Hmmm, now that I see it in print it only makes sense that I should really stay home, DUH.

My junkie brother left me a message the other day on my machine and I haven't called him back. I'm kinda interested in why he'd wanna talk and what he needs from me. Notice that I just assume he needs something? But yet the curiosity doesn't outweigh the disdain I feel for him, or the initial bolt of contempt that's gonna surge through me when I do hear his voice. Yet I know it could be something family related so on that basis alone I will call him. I hate those interactions, you know the kind... I'm only talking to you because we happen to love the same people, sorta conversations.

Oh yeah, I took the Kiersey test and I'm an Idealist Counselor or an iNFj... I'm in good company though. Eleanor Roosevelt and Ghandi share my temperament, Jesus Christ shares my numerology, and Liz Taylor shares my sun sign. It just get prettier and prettier doesn't it? Pssssst, and only the best share my bed. :)

Oh yeah, I updated my links page and added Renee of Just Me, Shar of Fish Head Stew, Brooke and Rodion, as well as fixed my links for Kim, and Exodus.

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