Feb 6

So I'm feeling kinda taxed and because I'm not up to hurtin' my noggin'.... I'm uploading my fav piece of homosexual propaganda in lieau of an actual journal entry. I'm gonna tell myself that I'm not being lazy so much as sharing something with you that you may not have had access to in the past. This is the BECAUSE speech from the gay rights march on Washington. I've always thought it was rather brilliant. Hope you do too...


lesbians and gay men are discri-
minated against in employment and
housing and because how we act is
more important than who we are and
if we get harassed it's our problem
and if we get attacked we provoked it
and if we raise our voices we're
flaunting it and if we enjoy sex we're
perverts and if we have
deserve it and if we march with pride
we're recruiting children and if we
stand up for our rights we are
overstepping our bounds and if we
haven't had a heterosexual
relationship we haven't given it a
chance and if we love someone of our
own sex we're just going through a
phase and because our relationships
are not acknowledged and we're told
our love is not real and if we're out of
the closet we get bashed and/or
murdered and if we want children
we're unnatural and if we have them
our families are not recognized and
because lesbian and gay existence
has been written out of her/history
and homophobia is sanctioned by the
police and courts and...
for lots and lots of other reasons
we are part of




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