Feb 28 11:55pm

***Yer too much fun to be legal.***

Self indulgent quote... Jason used to say that too me all the time.

So I'm still up to my nipples in boxes, packing tape, and newspapers. I'm down to those boxes that get labeled "potpourri" (I know... how gay of me) as they tend to have all the drawer, cupboard and closet remnants that are left over. Which any logical person would just throw away... but not me, un nuh. Gotta move it all, and then unpack and haul it all to the garbage at the new place. I'm surprised at how I'm totally getting into getting all this done so soon. I figured since I had till the 15th that I'd take my time and just go about it at a  leisurely pace. But I've lined up one friend to help me all day tomorrow haul stuff over, Dan is lending me his car in the evening, and I have a friend driving up from my hometown on Monday to help as well. On Monday we're gonna rent a truck and move all the bigger stuff, but I want to get as much done tomorrow as possible. I like getting in and getting the kitchen, bathroom, etc unpacked before I start moving furniture. The less boxes etc that I'm tripping over the better.

I was leaving work tonight and one of my staff phoned to tell me that she "didn't think she could make it in for her shift tomorrow"... I sorta piqued on her. I told her that I'd worked excessive hours the last two weekends for her and everyone else to accommodate them, and there was absolutely no way I was staying so much as ten minutes past my clocked hours this weekend. She luckily found someone else, but I'm serious in that I'm the one that always gets stuck picking up everyone else's dead weight. And if I must say so myself, I'm a damned supportive boss. I always give people as many options and as much flexibility as I can. Sometimes they aren't quite as receptive in return. But oh well, guess that's something I need to work on, and will be in the next while here. Also gonna bust everyone's asses, including my own, in regards to policy and company expectations as well. I want the new supervisor to be in my corner this time, and I do think that's possible. I've known her for ages and we used to be peers, so I do think there's an inherent respect there to begin with. We'll see how things go.

I got the fibreoptics modem and my new provider set up for the second week in March and am really pleased with the deal I got. Yep, I wrangled it myself. I have had almost two hundred dollars knocked off the initial price and have received two months free service. Gotta love that competitive market. :)

I'm a bit concerned about the cats as they are really rambunctious right now. I can see them sensing the move and being thrown by all the changes. I've left the bedroom intact so that they have that one element in the house that's constant. I'm probably over-analyzing, but I REALLY don't wanna wake up and find out they've been peeing on stuff due to being stressed out and uncertain about what's going on. So far they've been tolerating it, but the youngest one has been wandering around "crying for the last hour, and walking from room to room "searching". But they do love sitting on all the boxes and leaping at me from around the corners. They're too cute. :)

The girl whose journal I was talking about yesterday, mailed me tonight. And I must say she is as I thought she would be, that is if she read about what I said... which she did. So she has proven she has a good sense of humor, which I pretty much figured she did, and I'll send her a response back when I get the chance to sit down and waste valuable computer time again. I hate reading journals in which people rant and rave and slam the other journalists. Seems like a waste of valuable time and it REALLY isn't that pleasant to read. I don't come across that way, do I? Which reminds me I gotta get around to deleting a few links off my own links page as I get a chance. Actually been toying with making a few drastic changes to the journal in general. Just gotta think through all the "whatifs". Whatif I'd been born a blonde, whatif I was taller, and whatif I was twenty pounds heavier?... Ok, none of that relates to the task at hand, but damnit... WHATIF?

gotta run and do all the stuff that I shoulda done in the first place instead of updating...

PS: I think all the fuss over the new millenium is a big joke... someday maybe I'll explain why.

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