Feb 21 (transcribed from the written medium)

I've been insanely busy the last few days, or at least that's how it feels. Anyone feel sorry for me yet? I admit this feels bizarre actually "writing" out my entries. It honestly feels strange in that I write so little lately that my handwriting is atrocious. I know it'll take forever for me to type this, as I spend most of my time backspacing and deleting.

So what's happened in that which is my life? Hmmmmmm. Well one of the definitely bigger things to take place is that Noah has made me the co-host of the MASSF. That feels amazingly good in that I consider it a huge honor to be asked and to know that he finds my input valuable and worthwhile. Hmmm, just had a thought here... does the word valuable derive from the root valid? Ok, back on track now James. So if you haven't noticed the link to the MASSF on my front page now, that means you didn't look hard enough, scroll down the page yet, or that I'm a lazy bastard and haven't added it yet (but I will ASAP).

Noah and I met up on AIM yesterday morning (or was it today?) and yakked for quite awhile and then connected again later to go over the particulars of the MASSF. For our first real-time conversation it went pretty smoothly. Not that I expected any sort of uncomfortable pauses, etc but it was nice to have a smooth flow so early on. I just realized that I'm gonna have to add him to my "characters" page as he gets mentioned a fair bit as does the MASSF these days. Another thing I just thought of... what if my characters page eventually consists of more online friends than RL friends. I think that's the point I'd know that I spend WAY too much time online. :)

I actually haven't logged alot of time this week and I'm way behind (again) in my mails and administrative type mails. Next couple of months I'm gonna make a concentrated effort to learn some serious HTML as a new page I'm designing is definitely gonna require some actual knowledge on my part. Hmmm, Unless I can maybe figure out how to finally operate that version of Net Objects Fusion. Who knows...

I was thinking though... when I rebuild my computer, upgrade to the new provider, and move there is a possibility that I could be net-less for up to a week or more. I've been toying with the idea of having a "guest journaller" sit in for me, I think that could be kinda cool depending. Or maybe having one from RL and one from cyber, now that could definitely be interesting I think. Any thoughts on this, E-me.

Now for a little RL stuff....

I finally talked to Jason on the phone the other night. Initially I was just gonna talk long enough to say goodnight and swap a few pleasantries, but two hours later we were still connected. It was quite nice, he didn't really sound like I thought he would but he does have a sweet voice and all. I felt kinda stupid afterwards in that I realized I did most of the talking, but I've always been wordier than most of my friends it seems. I know I mentioned awhile back that there's a chance we could meet in RL. We discussed that and he seemed pleased, if not a but surprised, that I considered it an eventual progression. But I feel pretty strongly about maintaining the friendship, and taking it beyond just cyber. It could take as long as a year (or more) till we meet, but I'm in no hurry at present. Good things are worth waiting for.

Dan forced himself over the other night and brought videos. Guess I didn't mind but at the same time he still drives me nuts. He's REALLY bitter about my new roommate as their paths have crossed in the past. And as with everyone that knows him, she thinks he's a psycho. They met at my place earlier in the week and she was  just amazed that I know him, and astounded that despite our past I still talk to him. She kept saying stuff like "and why is it that you stay in touch with him?" Sometimes I think that I just pity him more than anything else, and that can't be good. He of course had to give me every lurid detail about how his ex's current relationship is falling apart under the constrains of its new status as an "open relationship". Naturally he was positively gleeful over this most recent advancement. But I do agree with him in that his ex is just a disease. I really have no use for him, he's just a viscous, vile, petty, little man.

  I haven't seen Greg since we went out to play pool, nor does it look like I will at all this week. Mostly that's due to my work schedule. Doesn't look like its gonna slow down much either, until middle of next week. *sigh* We've had a couple of long phone conversations, but nothing too intense. He's started yet another series so maybe its a good thing. Gives him time to focus on that without the distractions. I love the concept that he's working on, and have one of the original smaller pieces that inspired this set. He's actually been thinking about getting an agent, which is surprising for him as he usually doesn't try to sell or promote his stuff. His work is just so involved that I know he cold never make back what he puts into it.

Anyway, this is getting long... I'm off to watch Air Force One. If there's a man that is more masculine in a "real man" sorta way than Harrison Ford... then I've never seen him. I'm not picky , this man could be my father or my lover I wouldn't care (not insinuating both mind you).

PS: I just watched an entire episode of Scooby Doo and except for her meager explanation of the crime at the end of the show... Daria's only line was "what's behind here?". And despite the fact that Velma is supposed to be the serious one, her skirts are as short as Daria's. Not really sure where I'm going with this so I'll let you draw your own conclusions.

PPS: Nancy, if you are reading this... then I must say that on occasion I visit a homepage and the couple there is just so darned adorable together that I just gotta say "aaaaaaaaww, ain't they cute"... and especially when they got themselves cute cats as well. :)

PPS: Note to self, think up a pseudonym for the new roommate.

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