Feb 20 11:00am

This is a first for me, updating within half an hour of waking up. Actually I'm usually not even up this early unless I've either been up all night or I've been at Greg's. The reason being that one of my staff had to drop off a package this morning. I awoke to the phone ringing and when I answered it (I assumed it was the first ring) she was frantic as she'd been phoning for several hours by this point. 9times to be precise. Once we talked I dozed off a again only to wake again to my buzzer going half an hour later. Fortunately this is the one person that has seen the gloriousness that is me when I've just awaken. Meaning that my hair is all over the place, I'm puffy-eyed, unshaven, and wearing my least haute couture bathrobe AKA beige cotton. Every now and again I catch a glimpse of myself at this hour and I become amazed that I ever make it past the first "sleepover" with any man. If any man is dating me for my looks, then he'd be in for a HUGE shocker that first morning after. :)

So yesterday I did two firsts. My first first was to phone   Jason in RL. No answer - not even a machine. My second first was to phone Noah. Busy signal. *sigh* Actually I tried Noah a few times but I assume he was online during those hours. Could it be, could I have met my match in regards to net junkie activity? Who woulda known I would find competition. I actually "just" phoned him before I started this entry, this time I got the machine so I left a message. It was kinda cool though hearing his voice on the machine, gives me at least some voice to go with the name (and the type). But I'm patiently sitting here on AOL's IM, maybe he'll be online in awhile yet. Its pretty bad when I start viewing E-mail as archaic, and a last resort. What did I do before I was online? OOOOOOOH that's right, I lost touch with everyone. I swear licking a stamp is so much work these days.

As far as the whole net junkie thing goes... I admit I purposefully never got two phone lines, but rather have all my calls directed to voice mail if I'm online. The reason is pretty simple. I use being online to a large degree as an escape, and sometimes as I disconnect I get this feeling of apprehension as I wait to see if the red light on my phone is going to start blinking or not, alerting me to new messages. And if it does I kinda have this YIKES sorta feeling. Irrational, eh?


Ah, I actually just took a long pause there and hooked up with Noah on AOHell's IM. So far so good, we had alot we needed to discuss and get out into the open. And no, we're not fighting. :) I don't think Noah's much of a fighting type. He'd be more the cat that you pretend you're gonna pounce on and instead he rolls over to let you rub his stomach. And noooooo, that wasn't a flirt or a sexual reference. Git yer minds outta the gutter. :)

We're actually still connected here, he's just finishing up some stuff on his end and then we'll continue to yak bout "stuff".


I've been looking around the apartment trying to discern just what I can pack up early and what I need to throw away in anticipation of my upcoming move. I've been here for almost three years so I have WAY too much  clutter. I always hate moving for that reason, but at the same time it gives me a chance to shed alot of baggage. I never did hear back from the landlord yet about whether or not he's accepted my notice... god I hope so.

Ok here goes... confessions of a pop culture addict. I'm gonna see the Spice Girl's movie tonite. Its playing at the dollar theatre. Did I hear you gasp? Rightfully so I believe. But just think of all the great new material it'll give me for upcoming entries *S*.

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