Feb 2 8:45am

***Won't you be my neighbor?***

Mr. Rogers

I just found the coolest, oddest, not sure how to describe it thing. I went to Renee's journal to view the geographical listing of journals and visited all those in my province (yep, I'm in Canada), and found one that is in my city. I read the two most recent entries and due to a reference the guy made I was able to ascertain that he lives on my street, one building over. Too cool, eh? I was almost tempted to mail him just to say that. But it seemed like a horribly inane thing to do. Soooooo, that's "my isn't it a small world wide web" story for today. I still think that's amazingly cool. NOTE TO SELF: DO NOT stalk the man next door. We are the only two online journalers in this city from what I can figure. COOL COOL COOL. =)

7:28 pm

So I'm quickly updating before I head to Greg's house. I can't believe how insecure I was getting about him, maybe it was not seeing him much due to our schedules as of late. But once we were together everything was fine. We went and saw Phantoms last night, then stopped for a quick drink on the way home, and yep... sex. Well once we got home that is :)

He was very sweet, even leaning over when I was almost asleep and lightly kissing my shoulder, I'm such a sucker for those gestures. And this morning he kept pulling me back to bed everytime I tried to get up and grab some coffee, all the while moaning in his most tragic voice, nooooooooooooooo. Too cute he is.

I've read tons of journals today, getting caught up nicely I must say. (rodion, brooke, renee)

My brother finally confirmed that he's coming down tomorrow night now, he's gonna come play pool with us and get intoxicated. I kinda like that idea actually, you know a "boy's night out and all". Also Greg's business partner and his son are coming as well, could be alot of fun. I think my brother will like Greg, they've met just briefly in the past. He's actually the only one that's ever made a concentrated effort to meet my lovers throughout my life, I love that about him. Cept he is always amazed at the caliber of men I date. He's says they tend to be elegant, good-looking, and "not" gay. Or at least not that you'd know, oh yeah throw in successful and intelligent as well. I admit I love hearing those things. He tells me that he now understands why I left home and the hometown so young. He feels I woulda suffocated there, that I needed more stimulus than the family could ever provide.

We're starting the day with a matinee and then supper and then pool, I'm really looking forward to it, and yep, I'm putting all my work related stuff outta my mind and just enjoying my time off with Greg mostly. My brother and the others will be secondary. A nice diversion they are, but he's definitely the main show. :) One note though: He's not bringing his daughter which kinda sucks as I was hoping to see her, but it'll be nice to just have him as well. We often don't get much time to just talk as adults.

Him and his wife gear everything in their lives (and everyone in it) around the kids. Don't get me wrong that's nice and all... but sometimes it is nice to watch Melrose Place and NOT Barney the "gonna whack ya with a big stick if you don't shut up and stop singing" Dinosaur.

I spent a long time with Jason on Net Meeting this afternoon, it was nice... he had his webcam on. Note to self: Price out web cams tomorrow and steal some ideas for a live cam site.

Anyway I slept in... actually dozed off after my bath, so I'd best get running before Greg thinks I dumped him for the evening.


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