Feb 16 1:15pm

So yesterday we attended the movie and I personally thought it was excellent. Greg's friend and Greg both kinda gave it an "eh, not bad... expected more" sorta review, while her B/F seemed to like it but downplayed somewhat as he seems to like to be in sync with her. You know, its a couple's thing. But I loved Sharon Stone's performance, she was great... actually all the cast were excellent. I love that Liev Schreiber is getting more work, he seems to be everywhere right now. Scream2, Phantoms, and The Sphere. As well Queen Latifah was great despite her role not being a huge one, I love the timber of her voice.

I did get a Valentine's present btw, apparently Shandra forced Greg out to buy one. *S* I got a really cute card and a beanie baby... turtle. And no I don't collect beanie babies or anything gay like that, so I'm not sure why he got it but it was a sweet gesture. The card had an old man and woman on it, the woman doing dishes and the old man on top of the kitchen table with his robe open. All it said was "Enough already and bring me the dishes." There was actually a private joke it referred to, so that made me giggle and all.

I spent a large part of yesterday running around and phoning apartments. *sigh* Its really slim pickings to say the least. I've still got 6 weeks, but I wanted an idea as to how things were looking at present. The girl that we attended the movie with has a kicker apartment for dirt cheap, and I was hoping she was moving in with her boyfriend sooner. But apparently she's hanging onto her freedom till the summer so no luck there. But then another friend of Greg's phoned him last night, as she just moved home from LA and is needing a place. We're gonna meet her for coffee and then maybe if we're compatible we'll consider the roommate thing.

Greg actually suggested this as he says she's the kind of person that only sticks for a year maximum in any one place and that it would be ideal. Meaning that if she left in a year, he'd probably be settled in his loft and then I could just move in with him. It really pleased me that he'd bring it up, as we hadn't discussed that since the day we'd gone for lunch way back when. I sometimes wonder how he views us, and then he'll just absolve it for me. It was nice I guess just to know that he still considers it an eventual progression VS a "well maybe one day if things change for us" sorta deal. I love knowing that he views us in that way, sometimes my insecurities overcloud the relationship and I can let myself get pretty weighted down by it.

I actually had a nightmare about Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka the other night. The apartment was so hot that I had a restless sleep and kept waking up. But then again I also dreamt that I'd had my new lighting installed in the new apartment, only to find out that the bulbs were discontinued that I was supposed to use. Soooooo, go figure.

PS: Jaeyde... I already knew that without you telling me *S* Not sure how I knew but I did.

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