Feb 14 (Happy Valentine's Day) :)

Before I talk about anything else I want to address something I said yesterday. I mentioned my views on abortion and stated "if you don't agree with abortion, don't have one." I meant it as a way of expressing my opinion that it was indeed a personal choice that others did not have a right to criticize, condemn, or question an individual's reasoning behind receiving one. At the time I wrote it I had a brief thought of a friend I've made as a result of this journal. Someone who, against her personal beliefs, had had an abortion. At the time I wrote that I had no idea I would cause her offense, but unfortunately I did. So I am clarifying that its not something I view lightly nor is it something I would ever make light of. I know that as a man I can never in a million years imagine just what a woman has to deal with in both the short and long term following such a procedure. Not to mention how she would question both her own social and moral code as a result. I guess the quote summed up for me that it is ultimately something that only the person involved can decide, and that all the discussion and debate about its legal, moral, and social ramifications to me is rather pointless, as ultimately the effects both emotionally and spiritually are not altered despite how much we as a society try to define it.

THAT'S what I was trying to state in one sentence or less. I admit I took the easy road VS attempting to articulate it and risk causing offense to people I care about. I was firm in the belief that less is more, and I was wrong. I guess I chose the lesser worded response as I hate hearing men discuss abortion on any level as I don't believe it is a man's decision to dictate or decide. And yes I know people are gonna say "but the man has a say in whether or not his spouse / partner, etc makes that choice. Well..... then it becomes something between an individual couple to decide. I've never, nor will I probably ever, be in that situation so I'm not even gonna peek under that rock. But I have accompanied several friends to the hospital and once had to cross a picket line with a friend. I've seen people that came out of such a situation relatively OK, and seen other's who still cry about the decision ten years later. My adoptive mother is someone that has talked candidly and forthrightly with me about how her personal decision affected her long-term mental health. So again I'm sorry if what I said was misinterpreted. But I'm very thankful that this friend had the comfortability to approach me and the self respect to criticize what she felt was an inappropriate statement on my part, as I value her opinion and respect her wisdom. I'm done...


I'll see Greg tonight around midnight, so technically I'll miss him on Valentine's Day, but we discussed this and its not a huge deal for either of us. I don't expect flowers and candy as a way of him validating our commitment. Reminds me of yet another quote (do I dare?) by Jenny Holzer that states "romantic love was invented to manipulate women" I always loved that quote. Well I love most of what she's written so that's no surprise. Tomorrow we're gonna go to a matinee and see Sphere, I'm really interested to see how Sharon Stone does in the movie. I watched her on Rosie O'Donnell yesterday and was really impressed with her new look and how amazing she is. She's forty, beautiful, intelligent and has made the transition from being a "body" to being a serious actress without too much trouble. I still say if you haven't watched Last Dance, then you've missed a fine performance by Miss Stone. But if you haven't seen Basic Instinct... then DON'T. I hated that movie and demanded my money back. If there is a more sexist hateful film against women then I've yet to find it.

Oh yeah, I was gonna talk about my day tomorrow with Greg wasn't I? The girl we're going out with is pretty cool, she just got back from two months in India and is gonna give us all the dirt and the experiences she had. She went with her B/F and VOILA, they're moving in together now. I'm really happy for them, they've been together for several years and he couldn't be a sweeter guy. He has all the best traits, he's good looking, intelligent, successful, generous, and just damned sweet (he also has great lighting and even better furniture). She's always held him at arm's length, but we figured it was just as a means of maintaining the upper hand. By agreeing to co-habitate I think she's finally willing to accept what a great guy he is and is gonna meet him halfway... *sigh* all the good ones are straight or already involved. :)

One last note, my ISP account is up for renewal beginning of next month, so I'm thinking of upgrading to the fibreoptics so that I can rebuild my system. With that kick ass connection I could get all those programs, etc again in no time instead of taking weeks to getting my system back to how I have it now. I'll cancel my cable to offset the costs as I seldom watch TV much, except to have it playing in the background as I sit here and waste time.

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