Feb12 2:49PM

Well I'm off to the office in a bit to drop of some paperwork, etc. I just got off the phone with my boss (THE SOW) and she couldn't have been happier to hear from me, even laughed at my inappropriate humor. I love it, means that she's so happy to be getting rid of me that she doesn't care anymore. I couldn't be happier either, hell I even laughed at one of her arrested adolescent attempts at humor as well. I'm so looking forward to the new boss that I could just masturbate... OOOPS!!! Was that out loud. You'll have to excuse that transgression but I'm giddy, thus the synapses tend to connect at random causing inane words to pop out of my mouth.... errrrrr, I mean hands. :)

I never ended up seeing Greg yesterday before work and I'm sorta kicking myself in the ass for it, as it was our last chance till Sunday morning. Oh well, my own fault I dragged my ass around and then ran out of time when I should have been with him. He's attending a birthday party tonight for a close friend I've yet to meet, and of course he said "Can you attend a party tonight", this was this morning on the phone by the way.... he knows my schedule and he knew about this for over a week now. *sigh* Ok so maybe he did just forget to mention it, or maybe he deliberately didn't bring it up, I don't know. Sometimes I have my doubts, but for the most part I know he's upfront with me, just my own insecurities I guess.

He'd phoned initially as he needs some help with a program at work as yet once again those ne'er do wells where he works can't figure out something. I swear they should just give these people pens and paper and just lock up all the computers. I don't mind but I had to give him a raincheck on that for tomorrow, as I just don't have the time prior to my shift. I actually accomplished tons this morning, yet as usual it was on my own time. That drives me as I don't get reimbursed when I work at home... unless I preauthorize this time as research and evaluation, which incidentally I didn't do.

I've gotten some more mail about my journal and I admit I love that. Especially when people let me know that they've started on page one and read it in its entirety. That's such a huge compliment, that people would give that much of their time over to me. I totally get off on that. :P

I've been feeling relatively good these last few days, still overwhelmed at times, but yet I don't feel the urgency that I have recently. I've even been mostly prompt in returning my mail and was able to meet Exodus and harass him while he was at work. Usually making time for people and answering mail are the two things I can't do when I'm stressed as I have trouble maintaining a consistent train of thought. Noah and are having a few good Email chats as of late, and I'm really enjoying where this relationship is heading. I finally poured over his site and was really impressed with his writings and his artwork... usually I give a pat response when people ask me for my opinions on that sort of stuff as I really hate critiquing other's work. Don't get me wrong, if someone asks and says "be honest" I'll tell them in my most gentle manner that "its not for me"... I don't lie about it. But at the same time I get that initial fear (or is it apprehension?) when asked to view someone else's stuff. Yet I was pleased that I genuinely enjoyed his stuff, that's sooooo much easier than trying to ensure a "gentle" response. Gushing takes no effort. :)

I only owe fifty bucks on my computer now.... WOO HOO.

But I must run to work or risk the wrath of the newly conformed wench. God only knows when she'll snap and remember "oh yeah, I hate this asshole... WHERE WAS MY HEAD!!!" *snicker*

I still have tons to say but no time in which to say it.


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