Feb 10 3am

  I felt like talking about something really inane today. Body Piercing. I mentioned in my "facts" page that I have 8 facial piercing. I wanted to explain where they are as I got a few mails asking out of curiosity and the only one that I currently wear with any consistency is the hardest one to explain. I have five in my lobes, 2 in my nose (one in each nostril-different heights and thickness), and my fav is the conch piercing. That's the inner ear where if you were to lay down after a shower... that's where the water pools in your ear. It goes in there and comes out in back of my ear against that "bump" on my skull. You know where mom always insisted you catch with the facecloth in the morning, where you ear sorta "folds" against your head. I usually wear a barbell and it looks like a steel ball is just sorta "floatin" in the inner ear. First time I saw that on a piercing site, I was just adamant I wanted one. Its supposed to be, next to the septum piercing (that ridge of cartilage that separates your nostrils) that is, the most painful facial piercing. I'd have to agree with that. They take a "punch" and punch out a hole in the cartilage and then thread the barbell through after the fact. It looks fabulous and I highly recommend it. And hey, if you like pain... it hurts for a good three months following.

I stopped wearing the nose rings when I met a secretary with one. And the earrings once I noticed that glint of gold in every B-Boy's ears. Call me a traditionalist but I can't imagine wearing a roots shirt and more than one piercing, there should be a society to keep piercing more selective. I still have friends that will pierce something and then walk around like they've done something worth seeing. *yawn* its been done before and it'll be done again by someone who will do it better.

The only things I regret not piercing before they were bastardized was my tongue and my septum, but its so passe now that you have to be either a super freak to pull it off with any style, or a secretary to actually think its gonna look original. Either or is overdone.

I don't think men should pierce their eyebrows, its far too feminine a piercing to ever look good on a man. But even that's getting very old. Just how many teenage girls with ironed hair, waif looks, and eyebrow rings does the planet need. I do think we've reached our quota.

If I ever pierce something else it'll be the "divet" just beneath my lower lip, that's a definitely sexy look (a barbell definitely, a ring never). But you need full lips, which I have, and very black almost silky facial hair (if you're gonna combine the two) which I have. So that's my rant about piercing, not sure how engaging it was, but damnit... someone had to set down some guidelines.


Greg and I had the best night. He rented Unhook the Stars for me, I'd seen the trailer and was curious about it. He always bugs me in that I totally dig chick flicks. He also rented One False Move as he finally saw Sling Blade and was curious about Billy Bob Thornton's other work. He loved it. Unhook the Stars was really quite sweet as well, but I want Gena Rowlands to be my gramma so it was a guilty pleasure on my part.

He was kinda cute in that when he rented the first one he was totally involved with the clerk in discussing the whole action element of the film, and then when he handed over Unhook the Stars the clerk arched one eyebrow and said "girlfriend?". Of course the bugger just nodded and said "yeah". I thought he was gonna fall over and die laughing when he was telling me that. Because of course they didn't stop there they had to discuss in length how "chicks" can ruin a good movie night. Hehe.

But he really is the sweetest man. I'd totally forgotten even seeing the trailer and when I got there tonight he was all giddy and smiley awaiting my response. He often does that, buys or rents something that he thinks I'll want to see, but he would never in a million years see on his own. I swear he looks like a little kid on Xmas morn when he presents these little tokens up for examination. I sometimes pretend to be more pleased than I am, as I know he loves that validation. The pleasure is genuine, but I'm more touched by the gesture rather than the product usually. Damn he's a sweet man.

I told him I wasn't gonna sleep tonight and I knew he was exhausted, so I offered to leave before he fell asleep to prevent disruption. Its hard though watching him get ready for bed and then sitting on the bed holding his hand and talking for those last ten minutes. Needless to say I ended up laying down till he fell asleep (I was fully clothed) with my arm across his stomach and my head against his neck.  Once I felt him shift I made my escape. I really do love that man.

We were going over furniture magazines as I was pricing out some new furniture for when I move. And I'm often just amazed at how often we'd turn a page and both exclaim "That's fucking amazing" and simultaneously point to the same piece, or alternately diss the identical pieces. We often don't agree on the middle of the road stuff, pieces you'd never buy, but could live with if a roommate had it. But we always agree on what we love and what we decidedly despise. I think that's terribly compatible.

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