Dec 6 6:00am

Soooo... its the wee hours of the morning and I'm up (for a change). I slept from 11pm to 3am so I'm gonna stay up till I get to Greg's tonight around midnight. Hopefully our schedules will line up and I'll get some sleep. We're going for afternoon tea at the home where we gave our regards last weekend. We're making up for not attending their soiree, I'd much rather do this soooo... blah, blah, blah.

I'm watching the comedy network and I "was" enjoying it but its' taken a sharp dive as of late. Mary Walsh had some skit about the benefits of being a senior, very funny. Then Corky and the Juice Pigs were mildly amusing , kind of like how dancing monkeys are almost clever till you realize what it is that you are watching. They were singing this song "I'm the only gay Eskimo". So naturally the bald guy (the really nelly one) had to do his best "gay voice". I've always found that ludicrous, when a fag mimes fags, its like they aren't looking queer enough to begin with. DUH. Enough of this train of thought... just took a long break and watched Winston Spear... now he's funny, and surprisingly attractive in a "I just slept in the street" sort of way.

I've just, as I hope you noticed, gave my page a facelift. Any feedback? Does it....   view proper? screw up? look better? look worse? easier to navigate? harder to navigate? are you wearing any pants? did you bring your mother? BTW, I'm transcribing this from handwritten notes.

Figured out my finances for December and its hurting big time, I may have to take a few friends up on their offers to help. It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have both December and January's rent coming out of the same month's income, as well as my computer payment. I figured out what I'm buying Greg for his birthday, its cheap, but I know its something he wants. I cancelled his Xmas present which made me feel kind of shitty, well not SUPER shitty or nothing. Just did it about two hours before he phoned to tell me how ecstatic he was because my present had just arrived. He said it freaked out all his coworkers, so I'm at a loss as to what it is. But anyway, I'd ordered him a Phillip Stark juicer, and if you've not seen it then watch the Absolutely Fabulous episode where Sapphie is making OJ on Eddie's fortieth birthday. THAT is a Phillip Stark juicer. Looks like a giant bug, its so beautiful. We have this great photo of Mr. Stark with one perched on top of his head, looks like a giant brain sucking insect.

OOOOOOOPS, I lied. The credits just rolled and its not Mary Walsh after all, but rather someone who's name I don't recognize so therefore her name is irrelevant. How atrocious when someone incorrectly identifies a pop culture icon. It's like when I talk to my friends about some fabulous thing that Lily Taylor did, and they in turn say "yeah, I love that skit she used to do on SNL, the one where she's the telephone operator with the big bun". You can't see it but I just held my index finger to my temple and cocked my thumb.

I'm gonna end this now as I think I'm gonna watch the WCW (wrestling). On occasion I find that I need that sort of super campy element. It's like watching some sort of surreal homoerotic freakshow. A friend of mine once admitted that he masturbates to wrestling, but this was the same guy that told me that the leather clad disco queen from U2's video Discotheque gave him a hard-on. Therefore, not much that he says warrants more than a glazed nod and an absent minded "uh-huh". Just changed my mind as I've noticed that Sam and Max is starting on another channel. So I'll type later...

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