Dec 22 9:02am

Just got home from Greg's and I'm stressing out over how in the hell I'm supposed to get everything done that I need to today. AURGH!!!!

But anyway here's what I've been up to the last few days. After surfing the net and drinking the other night, I awoke with a horrid hangover and a feeling of guilt over actually flirting so heavily with Jason. Although it was relatively harmless it was still flirting right? But I head over to Greg's and we go to meet his friend at this little alternative / slag pub just around the corner from my house. Wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. A night spent with the unemployed mass of eighties rejects that meet there nightly. I drank too much too quickly as now that I'm relatively sober I get drunk quickly and three pints is definitely my limit if I intend on making much sense, so I stopped at three but was definitely feeling the Xmas spirit.

I was having all these in-depth discussions on film, art, etc with various people and was under the impression that they were all really out there promoting their films and art, etc only to discover that these discussions were occurring with caterers, coffee servers, waiters, and one unemployed postal worker. BUT everyone had some excuse as to why they weren't advancing in their chosen fields of study, usually centered around some almost delusional paranoia regarding how the art community in this city just had it out for them. HAHA, whatever. I really tire of hearing this same old story just from different people. Because I mean really... you bitch your art will never be accepted, yet you insist on working in some dead end job and not pursuing your art all the while meeting up with the same people nightly in the same trashy little pub. But as they say "misery loves company". Don't get me wrong some of these people had great ideas, but I've heard these ideas before. Its when you actually get off your ass and put film in camera to chronicle, or place brush to canvas that you see results.

There was one girl there that I've always adored, she's a beautiful Turkish girl that is a chauffeur by trade. She's just a chauffeur not an "artist" etc, she's like Greg in that she does stuff that is amazing in her spare time, but would never call herself an artist until she could make her living at it. She was telling us about when she drove Joey Ramone, remember everyone at this table is an eighties reject, so she was certainly holding everyone spellbound. I initially met her at prenatal classes that I was attending with a friend of mine. Both her and my friend gave up their babies for adoption (the chauffeur had twin boys) and I'm not sure how many of her friends even know she gave birth, this was MANY years ago. So when we were introduced, she sort of stammered for a second till I just stated "nice to meet you". This seemed to put her at ease, when she realized that she could just pretend this was out first meeting, versus having to explain how we met.

Good news though Shandra is Catsitting for the next week so we (Greg and I) get to spend some time together.

Back to my story.... So after we exhaust all feasible reasons to remain at the pub we head over to this Gallery where a friend of a friend's friend is having a few pieces displayed. The gallery going was pretty cheezy, it was a silent auction to support the gallery by all past showcased artists. Too many pieces, too many donated pieces, and too few people. I got a piece for 45dollars that I'm not super fond of but  I do love the artist. Figure it'll be something for the bathroom wall. Don't get me wrong it's not wretched or nothing but it'll definitely blend in well enough, and approximately every six months someone will comment on it and I can say "oh that old thing? Just a little something I picked up by C**** D**** a few years back." and then they will respond by raising one eyebrow and saying "oh really now, lets have a closer look then". And then they'll always remember how this little piece that never caught their eye before is by a well known artist. That is of course until they purchase a much bigger piece and then they'll never think of mine again.

I also noticed that a few friends had attended the opening as well as I noticed their names on a few of the bid cards. Never actually saw them but it was curious to think how often people we know intimately tread on the same spot in a short time span before we do. Yet we just never know that cause they leave no marks. I know that's not terribly deep or nothing, but it was something that consumed a whole two minutes of my time that night.

After this was all over we headed over to this overly pretentious martini bar down the street. Promo'd as a martini bar, but actually had more of a booze can feel to it. Except for all the overly dressed, attitude cutting patrons. Both Greg and I were cruised by several women at the same time, god I'm so glad I'm not single. I was watching some of these desperate moves that people made to get someone else's attention. I just wanted to walk over and say "ok honey, now you look desperate... a moment ago you were coy, but that is fading fast".

I just find a bar like that, in this city especially, to be a foolish place to hang out.  My reasons are as follows, if say for example you were in a city that was older and more established, you could pull it off. But  here if you get all dressed up, and some of these people were definitely dressed to the teeth, this bar should be just a mere "stopover" on the way to better things. But you knew that everyone there had gotten dressed to go there, and would be spending the whole night there. And that struck me as pretty silly. A few of the people we'd went with were really eating it up, but both Greg and I are far past the point of finding this impressive. As they were heading downstairs to explore the lower level, Greg and I had our coats and were heading home. Really now, if I wanted to hang with hair dressers and dental assistants I'd go to the mall.

On the way home we stopped off to rent My Best Friend's Wedding and also grabbed J'en Suis. J'en Suis was cute enough, a bit homophobic for my tastes but clever all the same, while My Best.... was just AMAZINGLY painful. Once the movies were over and its was time for bed we left the front room Futon so that when his housepest showed up she wouldn't have to wake up, and we took Shandra's bed. This was the first time we've been able to be intimate in quite awhile and we definitely made up for it. Not meant to cheapen the moment but rather to relay how close and affected out intimacy was that night. It was sweet, touching, and lingering sex. Make sense?

And of course we joked that having sex in Shandra's bed was kind of like having sex in your parent's bed. I begged that he let me be the one to tell her we'd slept there that night.

The next day we saw his friend off as she was going to her parent's house for Xmas and waited for our other friend to show up. This is the girl that we spend every Sunday with going to matinees and hanging out. But today decided that we'd just go for lunch and then grab some movies. We rented Contact and ConAir. Contact was just amazing, I was really impressed. We then spent the rest of the eve lazing around discussing film and music and relationships. Then off to grab some supper and home for bed. A really nice weekend, I'm glad Greg and I got more time together than we have in quite awhile. The next few days'll be nice, I'm on holidays and he has no one living at his place. Except I haven't decided when I'm heading to my parent's house, but I'm willing to stay if it means that we'll actually get to spend a little more time ALONE.

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