Dec 17 (transcribed from written notes)

So last night Greg phones to tell me he's had an absolutely shitty day and desperately needs beer, billiards, and male bonding. Well. Well. Well, says I, as I know that these elements are half the foreplay... for both of us. So he arrives at my apartment shortly following and what is the first thing I hear upon opening the door? You guessed it, Shandra's giggling and her talking in NOT ENGLISH. I was not pleased as this was yet once again "our" night out, just two boyfriends who haven't seen each other in barely three weeks due to both of our schedules increasing. Further to that I'll be leaving town for those few days and then leaving shortly after my return as I'm heading to my hometown for Christmas. But being the pleasant B/F that I do not bitch nor do I react, but rather I smile condescendingly and seethe quietly. Later he explained that he'd mentioned it to her the night before and when he came home she'd eaten, done her dishes, and put on makeup - he didn't have the heart to tell her that she couldn't come. She'd put on blush for heaven's sake.

She only stayed for a few hours before trundling off home, by that point we were both pretty tired and more than just a "bit" tipsy. So we played a few more games and then went for a walk. We walked, talked, and bonded, it was quite pleasant overall. Eventually ended up at the video store where we grabbed a copy of the re-release of George Romero's "Dawn of the Dead", the director's cut with X-tra footage in wide screen  All the way home he kept saying "pinch me I must be dreaming". But I cheated and grabbed his ass instead, ummmmm, repeatedly at that. *G*

The movie was over two hours long, and was on two tapes. I fell asleep shortly after the second one went in which unfortunately was the same time I felt his hand sliding under the waistband of my Calvins *sigh*. BUT... when I awoke that was the first sensation I was aware of, THAT of course being his hand routing around inside my Calvins. Soooooooo... either he has a one track mind or he fell asleep like that. But I was relatively short of time so all I managed was to kiss him from his forehead to his navel and then had to drag my tired self into the shower.

He's too cute though. I was walking out the door and he sits up and says, with what has definitely got to be the cutest look any man has ever produced, and says "how's about some sex when you get back". That had me smiling most of the morning, he wasn't like that when we first dated, and so now I relish all these silly little flirtations, etc.

But now I'm sitting on what has got to be the world's smallest aircraft, drinking the world's smallest complimentary coffee (which is only half full by the way), and trying to get the attention of the world's youngest stewardess. I'd rather be anywhere but here, actually I just want to be at home and in bed next to Greg.

More later... if the wings don't tear off in the turbulence

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