Dec 16 10:08

Not sure why I'm updating so soon, except maybe to say that I'm going out of town on work for a few days. Therefore I probably won't be able to update till the 18th or later. Actually noticed that I'm getting some regular visitors, gotta love that web stats tracker *G*. But I'm curious just who in Taiwan is reading my journal. So should you be reading this and currently be in Taiwan.... ummmmm, shoot me a mail and let me know a bit about yourself. Is that too desperate a plea for Email?

Greg and I have plans to go play pool tonight, although I do have several hours of paperwork in the meantime and a staff meeting at one O'clock. *SIGH* welcome to my life. But once I'm back from this trip on Thursday I'm going on holidays for a few weeks. But needless to say I have copious amounts of stuff to do on my time off. I hate taking holidays when I have no money. Fortunately my brother has a scanner and a fax so I can do a bunch of stuff while I'm outta town. As well my dad has fax and my best friend in the town where I grew up (about two hours from here) has just purchased a kick ass scanner as well. And EVERYONE I know has internet access so if all else fails I can at least chat.

On Friday we have plans to go party with Greg's friend that is coming in from Ontario, his ex roommate actually and one of his best female friends. I don't really wanna go to be honest. She's his buddy not mine, and they have one of those friendships that is relatively inclusive. Thus, I just end up feeling like an outsider when the three of us are together. I'm one of those boyfriends that doesn't feel left out when my lovers go out with their friends, I just chose to not go. But I know if I don't go it'll annoy him. He's so looking forward to this that he'd be unable to understand my not feeling the same excitement over it. There will be tons of people there that he hasn't seen in awhile and he's not one to "baby-sit the boyfriend" so I just know I'll got stuck talking to the one person there who has nothing intelligible to say and then I'll just be bitchy once I get home. I'd much rather stay home and go online.

He actually admitted finally that he thinks I spend too much time online. He's never seen any of my pages (I have three in addition to this one) and he's never even been online that I know of. I love that he doesn't have net access. I think I'd rather compete with another man than have to try and lure him away from the internet. Yet he's never even expressed an interest in my pages, which I'm never sure how to take that. Could be that I told him they were just basic vanity pages of no real interest. WHATEVER, if I keep on this train of thought I'll convince myself that he doesn't love me enough to give a shit, and I know that's not it, its just his personality and what he finds interesting. The net is definitely not something he finds interesting and that's OK. We don't all have the same flawless levels of discernment *G*.

I'm gonna scan a few of the pictures he painted for me so that  I can show them to a friend of mine in New York (net friend not RL), I was surprised he agreed to that actually. But I love showing off his talents. God I'm such a suck when it comes to that man. For the record I'm fantasizing about him right  now. *G*

Got a few loose ends to tie up in regards to my trip so I'd best make those calls and pack my bag in anticipation. For what its worth I get a Jacuzzi in my room this time WOO HOO. I have even decided where I'm going for supper the second night and what I'm gonna eat. Does that make me incredibly anal? A good friend lives in the city I'm visiting but we haven't talked in ages. Some stupid slight that I let get way out of hand, but I think I'll call him and see if he wants to come and float around in my tub with me. They're springing for a bottle of wine too, so I will definitely need some help drinking that won't I? He was the friend that everyone assumed we were having sex because we were together so much, but we never have. You know how everyone has that one friend that they tell EVERYTHING too, he would definitely have been that friend for me. First time I let someone suck my d**k through a hole in the wall at the peep shows.... who did I call? Yep, him.

Yeah, I'll definitely have to give him a call, I'm so bad for letting stuff drag on. One of my worst traits. I miss him alot (at times) and know he'd be happy to hear about Greg and I. So anyway I need to put on some clothes and have a shower, not in that order... but you get the idea.


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