Dec 11 12:08pm

OK, so its a toss up... write in my journal or watch Jerry Springer and his "parade of freaks". I've opted for both, so if I get some sort of twisted edge to my voice then consider it a side effect of listening to the tackiest of trash americans in the background while I attempt to articulate my last two days. Hmmm, now where'd I leave off.

So on tuesday I head over to Greg's house and we actually get a few hours alone before a friend of our's shows up to take us out for pool and beer. Shandra gave her regards which kinda surprised me but at the same time relieved me. He loved the video I got him (I knew he would) and was surprisingly content with a twenty dollar gift. The friend that picked us up was just getting over the flu so she was really dark and somewhat bitchy, not bad bitchy... just a general grumbly sorta background noise bitchy. But he was really flirtatious and playful, which for him is not common, so I resolved to be as pleasant as I could be all night. I realized how much his birthday meant to him and that he would be thoroughly oblivious to any slights, etc. I admit I spent a large part of the night watching him, very subtlely mind you, and noting just how he carries himself interacts, etc.

The total tally ended up at around eight people... him, myself, the flu carrier, the femme fatale, her roomate (Gregs' ex), his best friend (also an ex), and the best friend's two war brides. I call them war brides because he brought these two Brazilian men who were just stunning visually, yet highly uncommunicable do to their lack of English. Hence Greg and I kept trying to figure out how he met them, which one he was sleeping with, and what in the world do they talk about. I tried to illicit some information out of the one guy but his English was so limited that it was an impossible situation. We slagged each other, the waitress, and dished Shandra all in good fun. The rest of them got totally loaded and totally inappropriate, the femme fatale had to leave as the waitress told us that her and her roomie were "this" close to being asked to leave. I swear that woman is just a nightmare... but nightmare good and not nightmare bad.

Finally it was just the two of us and we played pool  till the waitress kicked us out, we were still sober BTW, we'd been too busy playing pool to get drunk. I knew that was his priority so I swear we played for 4 hours straight. Once home we watched his tape and afterwards he was just glowing, I was glad that he'd had such an enjoyable birthday.

But I do have to tell about this one thing that happened its so typical of his roomie. We were in the middle of Part TWO of his present... yep sex. And out of the corner of my ear I hear this "shuffle" "shuffle" so we just freeze. Next thing I know Shandra shuffles past us (within a foot) and goes into the fridge, pours herself a drink and then shuffles back to bed. I thought we would die laughing, I swear she's so vacuouss. But its typical of how unaware she is of anyone else's presence.

The next day we had a million errands to run and spent the day running around the downtown core validating our existences. We eventually ended up visiting the gallery where his friend has her art displayed, she'd showed us this one piece that we'd just loved but yet wanted to see it for real and get a better impression of its effect. And WOW... it was just amazing, we'd wondered if it would be too "homoerotic" versus looking like a buddy pic, its these two men sitting together with several surreal images juxtaposed over it. The lady that runs the gallery very obviously hates it, and its hidden away in the back room. So therefore, she'll never sell it which is nice, since Greg wants to wait till it gets back to the artist and then buy it directly. Which leads me to my next story....

We went for lunch following (thai) and it was a nice relaxed meal, etc. Blah, blah, blah. But towards the end of our meal he starts to ask me very specific questions about the painting and how much do I really like it, and very pointedly asks "could you live with this? could you look at it daily?" I instantly knew what he meant but I asked him to "clarify" as I hate misinterpretating his intent. That was definitely a problem when we first went out. So he leans in and says do you feel that we are moving forward this time and are you happy? I explained how I felt, which was all good and he smiled and says "well its obvious then, isn't it. Eventually we'll end up together and I tend to view the decisions I make now based on that inevitability and I need to know that you do to." It was a great conversation and lacked that sort of overly needy and desperate tone that I've heard in my other b/f's as they broached this subject. We're in no hurry, and agreed that it was pointless to rush into a situation until we were sure. Yet he said that once he buys the loft that that would be the ideal situation do to the amount of space it would afford us, yeah we both have huge space needs.

But work is non stop, so I'm gonna end this and get my ass in gear. Later.

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