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April 9th afternoon

I've discovered the reason behind Daria's frustration. The oldest cat has been peeing in her room. Gross, eh? But its amazing in that she's not like super angry of anything. She's choked but she's still talking to the cats and isn't losing her mind over it. We've started closing her door and the one cat has been banished from her room as a result. Daria has taken to calling her "trailer park cat". Needless to say the cat is relatively unaffected by the whole ordeal. The clincher for her new nickname was when the youngest cat threw up and the older one ate it. Daria lost it and said "that's it, you're trailer park trash." Right now I can hear Daria on the couch talking to the cat, so all's well. Or at least as well as it can be when you smell like cat urine.

I don't get distressed if the cats ever pee on my stuff. I always figure its a part of owning cats. Cats pee, end of story. But she's pee'd in Daria's room everyday this week, and that's definitely NOT good. Should anyone have any suggestions of how to stop this, feel free to let me know.

I'm off to work in a bit and am busting my ass all weekend so if I don't update you'll understand why. My modem is still fucked up, so fortunately I'm able to use Dan's old account, and never sold my 33.6 modem. Meaning of course that its still in the puter. I can't believe how used I had gotten to the faster one, as this one just seems to take forever. Its been ages since I've had to wait for a page to load.

Exodus? You reading this? Where the hell are ya boyfriend... no entries since the 1st. Hmmmmm.

On Saturday I'm going to a friend's house and we'll do the whole big Easter dinner. She's 75 but one of my closer friends. I can sit and listen to her lament about all her health problems, and then bite my tongue as she adds that 3rd piece of pie to her plate. Kinda wish I was going home to see my family, but that's just not an option right now unfortunately. Greg asked me to make a pumpkin pie for supper tomorrow night, so I'd best remember to do that tonight. I'm so bad for leaving stuff to the last minute... meaning I still have to stop at the store to pick up all the stuff yet. Not even sure what the "proper" Eater dessert is, but I'll accept pumpkin pie as a substitute.

Being raised Jehovah's Witness I still don't get "excited" over the holidays, but I try. Birthdays are always a bit weird as I never know how to react to being the center of attention. Never really had that option as a kid. I'm also the worst for remembering birthdays as well, although I do try to remember the nieces and nephews... but I often forget. I know BAD UNCLE JAMES, BAD. Now that my brothers have Email I at least try to throw a cyber card in the mail for the girls, my one niece loves it, the other on doesn't quite grasp it yet. The one that loves it is also a Doom fanatic, she's five by the way. She also sends me voice Email, she's too sweet that one.

Well its the middle of the afternoon, I'm still in my robe and have to change the catbox, etc before I head out here. Therefore that's my cue...


PS: Greg... you sending that vital info along anytime soon? Huh, huh, huh?

PPS: to whom it may concern... I'm on Aohell's Instant Messenger as "wilmafd" when I'm around. If you wanna know the reason behind the handle... you gotta page me and ask. Inane questions not accepted, hot chat always welcome. :)

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