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April 8 late...

Today was such a long day at work. 16 hours long to be exact. All day I watched it raining, as well as last night, and was loving the fact that it was washing all the snow away and cleaning the city nicely. That was up until I was leaving work and the temp had dropped to below zero, meaning that the rain then turned into biting cold wet flurries. I HATE flurries. Got downtown, missed my bus, walked home. I'm shivering and I'm sleep deprived AND when I walked in the door Daria ran to her room, no kidding... she just bolted. I'm hoping she's not pissed about our talk the other night, as its entirely possible I offended her when she was slagging realism, so I in turn felt the need to dish conceptualism. Whatever...

The front door of the building now has a SPY cam on it. I can watch the people entering the building before I buzz them in. Definitely a cool feature, as I had no idea it was coming. Maybe I'll make all my friends dance before I buzz them in from here on out. Now that could have potential.

Another possibly bad thing... I was online when I got home while I was deciding whether or not to update, and my virus scan kicked in. It claimed to have found a file that was misdirected or misnamed... not a virus mind you but something else. So I'm attempting to "close" the window down and I somehow directed it to do something but I'm not sure what. So it promptly "fixed" whatever and dumped me off the net. Now I'm totally annoyed as I can't connect, update, chat, or surf. And I was planning on meeting a friend in his chatroom as he's hosting a discussion tonight, and I really wanted to attend. Not to mention I'm NOT wanting to get my computer rebuilt at this point... AGAIN. My modem keeps flashing "test" and then goes blank, so I'm hoping its just something with the cable and not the configuration of files etc, as if it is then I'm right fucked. Or is that a right fuck-up?

Last night was a good night indeed. Greg and I went for the usual night of billiards, beer, nachos, and chicken wings. Oh yeah and sex. *G* I'm sorry but I just HAD to add that. When we got home we just sorta chatted and took it easy till it was time for bed. Once he went to bed I started watching A Chinese Ghost Story, it was dubbed in French so I couldn't understand much of the dialogue but fortunately was watching it more as a visual film. Its just beautiful to say the very least. I'll finish it tonight. I was laying at the foot of the bed and that's how I fell asleep, so that when I woke up I had Greg's toe almost inside my nose. Took me a good five minutes to try and figure out just how the hell I'd ended up down there. Needless to say he was just smiling sweetly and feigning ignorance. Greg owes over 400 dollars on his taxes, he's pretty choked up over that to say the least, I'll file mine this week. *crossing fingers*

AURGH!!! This modem is starting to annoy me now. I hate waiting for anything. Especially when I know that if it doesn't correct itself then I have no idea how to fix it. What to do.... what to do?

I volunteered to work the STAT this weekend, but fortunately I'm off in time to have supper with Greg, Shandra, and her new beau. Those two have just become inseparable in no time flat. Not sure if its more outta loneliness for home, or genuine attraction. Regardless, its nice to see her so interested in something / someone. They've been hiking, doing weekends in the mountains, and suppers on most nights. He's even been buying her little presents... hmmm, wonder if this'll rub off on Greg. I'm not gonna hold my breath to find out. Oh yeah, the plans for my birthday have changed, Greg wants to take me for Moroccan food instead of sushi... I'm impartial as I could do either or. There's a restaurant in town that has the traditional 21 course East Indian meal as well, so if all else fails that's a definite option. Now I'm thinking about food, and me with no money in my wallet. *sigh* I could really go for an order of hot and sour soup on sizzling rice right now, but I'm not up to a walk to the bank and then back home just to order something that will take an hour to get here. Guess I'm eating grapefruits instead.

Gonna close this up and scan my drives, etc... maybe the modem will start working by then and will connect again. I'm so lost when I can't get on the net. Does this make me a total net junkie....?

I just started sneezing... this is why I hate flurries

I taped the first two parts of Tom Jones and then totally forgot to tape the last one, DOH!!! Definitely setting the VCR in advance for Friday night as it'll be playing again in its entirety.

LAST NOTE: The English Patient.... whatever. Much as I love Kristin Scott Thomas, and Colin Firth, it just didn't work for me. Ralph Fiennes is decidedly flawless as well, but really now. Drag, drag, drag... Two Colin Firth movies in two days... I'm in heaven. Tried really desperately to explain to Greg just why Colin Firth was without flaw, but he wasn't getting it. "But he IS Mr. Darcy!!!" I pleaded to no avail. Even had to point out to him who Colin was in Circle of Friends, as he hadn't even noticed him... tsk, tsk, tsk.

PS: I'm glad I wasn't the only person to notice all the baskets in Pride and Prejudice, as I was starting to think I just had an "eye" for it. All my other friends claimed they never noticed a thing. Most of my friends are liars. :)

PPS: I'm gonna try and leach off of Dan's old ISP, see if the account is still up and running. Maybe, maybe, maybe...

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