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April 7 4:04am

AURGH!!! Daria and I had the MOST draining conversation tonight. We were discussing this artist whose work I love. There's a painting that I love that will cost me around four grand, and I'm giving it some serious thought. It was all about art, and what it says about you as a person and how people will percieve you based on what you have on your wall. She used to enjoy this artist too, till a few of her artist friends told her that they didn't like her. A few of her artist friends that don't sell anything I might add, whereas this women on the other hand is one of the few artist I know that can make a living at her art. She has amazing skill, plus a brilliant eye for color and imagery. Granted she uses no original images in her pictures, yet its how she colors, reproduces, and juxtaposes her images that is her brilliance. Think I could get her to admit this for even one sec.... noooooooooooo. She kept using the arguement that ANYONE can be taught to produce an identical image from a still. I don't agree, in fact I visciously disagree. Anyone can taught to paint or draw or whatever. But you give 100 people the same black and white image to reproduce and you're gonna get drasticly different results. Some will speak to you, and some will make you wanna scream. This woman's stuff speaks to me, and one of the "other" artist's stuff we discussed makes me wanna scream. Just drives me crazy, its like if you respect my opinion and my freedom of choice (especailly when you've never seen this woman's stuff in person) then keep you mouth shut, or if you do decide to open it, then don't try to convince me that your opinion is more valid than mine. Cause frankly if I like something, you can't convince me I don't. I like, change that to love, this woman's art. Nothing you say will change that. It speaks to me on an emotional and vibrantly visual level, that invokes a reaction in my chest... not my head. I'm not examining the "theory" behind the piece, nor do I care if Billy Bob down the street could recreate it  or make it. For the simple fact that its hanging in her studio not his. AURGH!!! Makes me nuts. Ok, I'm done. And no I'm not pissed with Daria, I just don't agree with her opinions. Sometimes it is possible to just say "fuck popular opinion or what you've heard someone else say" and just go with what you feel. You liked her art before, and now you don't? Now you want me to agree with you on that? Uh nuh, doesn't work that way.

I'm not sure if she likes arguing with me or hates it, I'm one (from what I can figure) of the few people that will tell her she's full of shit. Cause I do enjoy our discussions, but sometimes it hits that point where we are butting heads so we just change the subject and move on. For what its worth... I do enjoy a spirited discussion. Just love bitching about it afterwards. And between you and me... writing it here gives me the last word. :)


Greg and I just sorta hung out tonight and watched videos as the timelines on the movie just weren't working for us. The people we were supposed to go out with ended up dropping by to show a painting that the b/f had purchased. It was a bit to abstract for my tastes, but to each his own. See how gracious I was there, I'd best be teaching Daria about that. It is a nice piece though, and he's commissioned the artist to do a larger piece for him in the same "theme". I really like this couple, they're not outspoken or nasty, they just "are". I always enjoy people like that.

We also watched "A Thousand Acres" with Jessica Lange and Michelle Pfeiffer (sp?). I'm not a huge fan of Ms. Pfeiffer's but it was a pretty good film. And since Kevin Anderson is all the rage these days we did get to examine him upclose, and my fav B actress was in it... Jennifer Jason Leigh. Not to mention a cameo by Beth Grant and a starring role by Jason Robards. If you like any of those people then give the flick a look, its worth a watch. I still haven't finished watching the English Patient though, I'll do that tomorrow afternoon. Tomorrow (actually today) is Pool Night *G*. So I'm all a-flutter. And I don't flutter often.

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