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April 3rd (various times)

***We did nothing today, absolutely Butt-Kiss that day***

Van Bran 3000 - Drinking in L.A.

Yesterday I stated... "feel free to send flowers". Well, someone did. Gosh darn that ol' internet thingy, you can do just 'bout any ol' thing on it nowadays. Thanks buddy. :)

I re-linked the Van Bran Three Grand RPlayer vid, as it came to my attention recently that many of you failed to follow the link last time. Bad, bad, bad websurfers.

Today was a bit of a bust. I went to bed WAY too late, and woke up late for work with an amazing headache, etc. Took the day off and have been working from home. Fortunately the girl I was working with covered for me, and even stopped off to drop off some stuff for me AKA more paperwork. Got another two hours till I'm due at Greg's house, so I should be able to get some stuff done yet.

Gonna head over and make him supper, spaghetti with veggie sauce. I know its not to exciting, but hey he's a definite easy one to please when it comes to food.

I wish that I cooked more, as I am a damn good cook when I decide to make the effort. I just am the worst person for finding the time, and I hate cooking for myself. If I cook its usually an "evening" deal. You know, the whole works. Well cept for the flowers, as Greg has deathly allergies to pollen. When I tease him I refer to him as "fragile". Speaking of being fragile, he just got over a horrid ear infection. He's the only person I know that gets ear infections regularly at his age. Yeah, yeah, poor baby.

I got a bizarre ICQ from my friend that's manic depressive today. She sent me one that stated she was sorry I hadn't been in touch and if I felt I needed to go my own way, she respected that etc. I was quite flabbergasted as I'd been sending her messages and was wondering why she'd not got back to me. Apparently she never got any of them, or my phone messages... so she says. But regardless, we've been friends for over ten years. I can't believe she thought I would, for whatever reason, write her off that easily.

It's kinda discontenting to think that someone you love thinks you could be capable of such a callous gesture. I've ICQ'd her and am hoping to meet on chat for a bit, she must be "outta sorts" AKA having a bad mental health day, or else I can't imagine her perceiving such an issue to even be present. We'll find out soon enough I guess.

I did some major unpacking of junk boxes, etc and some organizing that had been building up as well. I've made a list of stuff to pick up, things that will ensure I can get the apartment looking even better. Gotta get a few frames so that I can get the walls looking less naked, and take in one of Greg's paintings to be framed. This is the first piece he ever gave me so I'm gonna get it properly framed, I've budgeted for about 250.00 to do it with. Most of my friends are stunned when I tell them that he painted me a shoe... guess you'd have to see the shoe to truly appreciate it.

Sooooooo, basically I've sat around in my robe all day chain-smoking, drinking coffee, and doing nothing of interest, with that realization I'm gonna spare you anymore tedious insights into the life of a man that hasn't yet left his house today.

PS: Jaeyde, I do answer mails... just think I sometimes do it in my dreams and then confuse that with my RL. :)

PPS: I'm officially in the Tabloid Dreams ring now... thanks Rachel.

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