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April 23 (late)

I've had a loooooong day... I didn't sleep much last night and have been moving pretty much nonstop since I got up this morning. Tomorrow will be the same, just different clothing to discern them from each other.

I wrote an entry last night but thought I'd make this my "official" entry of the day. Decided that last night's was just WAY too whiny to take the time to trancsribe 8 pages of "waaaaah, waaaaah, waaaaah."

Soooooo, I thought I'd have a "treat" for you tonight, but alas I'm having some problems with the "thing that would deliver the treat". So until I buy an adapter you'll have to hang tight.

Exodus... for the record. Morbidity... the state or act of being morbid. Can't believe you doubted me!!! If nothing else... I scored second year college for language use and comprehension in the eighth grade, dare I say it was the highest in a school that ran from Kindergarten to Grade 12? My sentence structure and grammar.... pfffffshsht, that's another story. And my need to not brag is also questionable. :)

Someone mailed me to say that a particularly incoherent paragraph was causing him confusion (it was Exodus)... for the translated version go here.

I talked to my adoptive mom tonight and she was sounding pretty liquored when  I did. That's the only thing that I sometimes have trouble dealing with. Being a problem drinker and drug abuser for alotta years makes me unable to take someone seriously when they've been drinking. The number of intense conversations I've had when she's been drinking, and the next day I know she doesn't recall them. Often makes me not want to even get into a conversation once I hear that slur. That is the one secret in our family (well that half of the family it is). No one would believe that this amazing woman actually has a severe drinking problem. I've tried to help her help herself, but she's not willing to. I think for whatever reason, she's not ready to give it up. As much as it hurts I have to accept that, if I am to accept her. She truly is one of the people in my life that my love for her has no words.

She was pretty happy tonight as she just got Email and net access at work, therefore wants to visit my "original" webpage. But I broke it to her (lied) that I'd torn it down, and was remaking it (truth).

Its officially "gorgeous man" weather here. Meaning that every beautiful man that's been hidden under winter coats for so long, is now showing legs and arms and abdomens at every turn. I'm REALLY loving this to say the least. I  love Greg, but man oh man. Is it just me or do Mediterranean men just have it going on in the best way? I'm sure I don't have to clarify which ones are the beautiful ones... you know the "conservatively" hairy ones. I love a hairy chest as much as the next guy, but when it's a coat then ... OUCH. ;)

I'm multitasking myself to death and being ICQ'd by six people simultaneously and actually maintaining coherent conversations with all of them, so I'm gonna end this now, as I'm not giving this even a tenth of my attention.

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