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April 22nd 12:36am

***...don't try me nobody, cause you won't ever win.***

Nina Simone

Remember me talking waaaaaay back about Daria being short-listed for a movie awhile ago? Well tonight I came home and girlfriend was sleeping on the couch complete with her blankie and pillow. I dash off to my room and when I sneak out to the front room to find myself a healthy dose of Nina Simone... the anchorman is saying "we'll be back with some blah blah blah about the movie <insert movie title here>." So I shake girlfriend awake and she just stares blankly, and promptly falls asleep. Twenty seconds she bolts awake yelling "what's happening?" I again explain the scenario and she says "cool" and promptly falls asleep. I take Nina and a few beers to my room before coming out to watch the thirty second byte of <insert movie title here>, and as I'm heading back to my room I hear "what's happening?" being screamed from the couch. That girl def needs more naps, I tell ya. Any second now she should come staggering to my doorway, I'm certain of it. I'm putting on my headphones and blasting my dearest Nina in self defense.

Greg has def decided against pursuing this whole play theft thing. I'm not sure I agree with him on it. Its not the money, but the acknowledgement. At this moment something he wrote is being attributed as being written, directed, and adapted for TV by <insert thief's name here>. So basically someone at this moment owns all the copyrights to something that isn't his to own. Daria is convinced that Greg needs to pursue a career in theatre and TV now, but Greg is just shaking his head. He writes it off as if <insert thief's name here> doesn't have enough ideas of his own that he has to steal something written by some teenager over ten years ago, then he could care less. Says he pities him more than anything else, ummmmm... sometimes that man 'o' mine can be so passive and gentle. I love that about him, but at the same time honey... GET MAD DAMNIT!!!!

Speaking of which... I picked him up at work tonight, as he had to work late. I'm always hassling him for sex at work, but he just shakes his head and rolls his eyes. He's been telling me that I'm sexually deviant because of the fact that I'm perpetually erect. Says I get harder faster than anyone he's ever known in his life. Now did that just cross the line of "too much information?" I try and tell him that is just him that does this to me, and can you believe the bastard just laughs out loud at me. *S* Ok, so he has a point, but play along at least.

He was such a sweetheart tonight. Yep, Shandra was out with her b/f and only came in time to shower and crawl into bed with her man. He was really quite huggy and mushy, for him that is. Ummm, Greg... not Shandra's man. He had all the right answers and made everything seem sweet, lighthearted, and intimate. If he only knew I'd sent about ten people to a site of pics of him today. *biting lower lip*

We watched The Ice Storm... Wow, I'm telling ya.. if you haven't seen it then give it a look. A few friends told me it sucked and now I'm seriously doubting their taste. If nothing else, its an amazing aesthetics tour of the seventies. If you haven't watched it yet, then pay special attention to the lighting in all the homes, the foyer of Kevin Kline's house, and EVERYTHING in Sigourney Weaver's house. I mean like really now, they actually found all that was beautiful and well designed in the seventies and fit it in one movie. Greg and I were just wet over Sigourney's house, the furniture, the lights, the design of the house... amazing. The story is excellent as well and the acting was not without its charm.

Second movie on the list was In the Company of Men. Ouch, ouch, ouch. If you've seen Swimming with the Sharks then you'll have an idea of what this one was like. Basic story line as follows. Two men <and I'm using the term loosely> decide to get back at all the women who have "wronged" them and take revenge on what they perceive to be a total innocent, the deaf girl at the firm where they work. Low budget and LOTS of shots of the boom mic, but a pretty good movie. Its worth a see, but I think that to see two such movies back to back was a bit much of brain overload. Follow it with a light hearted comedy if you can. The beer chaser on the shot of whiskey so to speak. If you don't mind looking dumbfounded at the screen repeatedly and saying stuff like "well you mother fuckers", then you'll live through this one. But trust me you'll positively despise both of them to the point you feel just sick for the girl. Ok nuff of that.

Sooooo... guess what I got in the mail today? =)

A little package from the southern states, from a certain sweet Texan known as Noah Grey. Can you see me grinning from ear to ear? I REALLY wanted to scan the little letter attached as it seemed so sweet or maybe its just that I was feeling so touched at the time, but regardless I didn't have his permission. See I'm not a total open book when it comes to other's intimacies, on occasion I even ask for permission.

It was a book of poetry by the Austen family appropriately titled "The Poetry of Jane Austen and the Austen Family". Now just how cool is that? I've been browsing through it but unfortunately haven't had time to actually sit and read it yet.

This reminds me that I do have a package here that I was supposed to send to Noah ages ago. First part was the best part and ended up being dumped out by accident. The second part was and still is just something from my personal collection of stuff. And just what was the first part you may ask? Well... my friend in Texas is terminally snowless. So when we had that big snowstorm not so long ago, I went out and collected a jar of snow for him. And yes, I do realize that snow melts. But I was gonna slap a label on it dating the snow and giving all its vital stats. I thought it would be REALLY cute and sorta sentimental. And I know Noah well enough that I know he'd get a kick out of it. But alas a friend was over one day and saw this jar of "snow", now water, sitting on the counter and promptly poured it into the plants. I considered "faking" it and sending a jar of water, but couldn't bear such a deception. So I basically have been sitting around waiting for it to snow again, but after this last week of warm weather I can honestly say that's the end of the snow. So I do have another trick up my sleeve, so be patient and once Noah gets his present then I'll update you on that. :)

Now if he'd just show his sweet self on AIM then I could hug him in person, but alas I sit waiting... *sigh*

Got another present coming as well from someone that I know of (pssssst, its Exodus), so I'm feeling kinda "loved" at the moment. Or is it that I just love getting presents? Birthday's less than a week away so its good practice I figure. *S* If Ex-Baby follows through then I got an idea of something for him as well once I get that return addy. But shhhhhhh, its a secret for now.

I did a kinda off thing, for me at least. I made a page of pics of Greg and sent the URL to a few people who I thought would appreciate it and the ones I felt I know a bit better. I did make one poor judgement call, but its seems trivial to spell it out at the moment. I'm only leaving it up for a day as I felt kinda silly about it once I did it. I think its that whole thing of suddenly feeling exposed and possibly vulnerable. Not that its a huge deal or nothing, I see pics of people on the web daily. I left out three people I kinda wanted to give it to, but felt we hadn't really talked enough to take such a "jump". Actually I figured they'd think I was a bit of a fool for giving it to them, so I decided against it for now. If you read this and think I wouldn't mind you seeing it then mail me, and if I agree, then I'll send you there. Nothing too exciting just some pics of Greg, one of Matinee Buddy, and one of me. But if you've never mailed me before then don't be asking. Like I said, there is a time limit on it, soooooo... ask now if you want it.

I have so many "free" mail addies, that I haven't got a mail to my ISP account in over two weeks. Pretty pathetic, eh?

Excuse me for a second I have to immerse myself in Nina's "the Other Woman" without interruption. Ok, I'm done, thanks for sticking around. That was actually the first song I ever heard by Nina and it was love at first octave. I remember looking at my friend and asking "how is the human voice even capable of such sound?" Second song I ever heard was "Mississippi Goddam and then Pirate Jenny, needless to say that secured my loyalties for life.

If you don't know about Nina then I'll ask if you saw "Point of no Return" starring Bridgett Fonda... yes, it was the rip-off of the original La Femme Nikita, not that tacky TV series... but the original French movie. Well Nina did all the music for Point of no Return. It was funny in that I was with an ex at the time we watched the movie, and when he asked what kinda music Bridgett wanted... I looked at my b/f and said if I could only have one album I'd pick something by Nina Simone. Just then Bridgett said "Nina Simone, LOTS of Nina Simone. I coulda died right then. BUT the ironic part is that Nina hates her white fans (well maybe hates is harsh but she has "issues" with em), and believes in distinct racial segregation. That is in a mixing of the bloodlines of the races sort of way. She even stopped performing for several years, as when she looked out into the audience she saw more white faces than black ones.

She's had an amazing life and I shamefully have yet to read her autobiography, but she is a bit on the eccentric side. Last I heard she was thoroughly pissed at Quincy Jones for marrying a Swedish woman, and felt that Michael Jackson wanted to be white. Oh yeah, that and she was taking rifle shots at some kids that ventured into her yard, or was it a pistol? When we go to Paris... we're checking in advance for Nina concerts for me, and Lloyd Cole for Greg. I just had a bizarre thought, what if Nina died in the last few years and no one told me? Where does this morbidity come from?

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