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April 21 12:58pm

*** ...a jaded female pissed off at the fact that we have to have a Sexual Asault Awareness week because - damnit - sexual assault shouldn't even be happening. Sorry...I have issues with this.***


Long time no quote eh?... this needed acknowledging.


Last night was somewhat of a bust.

My brother stopped over to finalize the selling of the car and take care of the last of the papers. I'm still feeling somewhat resentful about selling him my car. But I figured out why. He's one of those people that figures everyone owes him something, always has. So I basically gave him an amazing deal on the car as I know that him and his girlfriend don't have a lot of money, and despite how much I talk about money... I'm really not all that material believe it or not. But at no point and time has he said thank you or shown any appreciation, instead he's being very businesslike about the whole sale thing, almost bordering on smug..

What gets me is that he's not viewing this as me doing him a favor, but rather as himself just being a really slick businessman. That burns me, as I know how much the car is worth and I had two offers to buy it for 1500 dollars more than he gave me. So its not that he's slick by any means, I just decided that he could use it and that I'd given my word. And no I don't expect great long lasting servitude for saving him money, but an acknowledgement would've been nice. Mostly because any money he saves is money out of my pocket that I can definitely use right now. Self awareness should really be mandatory in this country.


So back to last night... Greg phones me as he's leaving work to ask me to meet him and his boss for a drink at a nearby pub. I show up and they're talking about work... and they talk about work... and they talk about work. See where this is going? I pay pinball and come back, they are still talking about work. It was soooooo boring and tedious, and in my opinion rude as they hardly even acknowledged me. I blame the boss more as it was just painful to get any response outta him. But I won't judge, he could just be shy or uncomfortable, who knows.

Finally we get outta there and hit the supermarket, go home, eat, and watch TV. BORING. Well not that bad, I'm exaggerating to say the least. But Greg gets this call from his parents and when he gets off the phone he's all weirded out and strange. He tells me that a play he wrote in high school was recently used on a national program, and was attributed to some guy that was in the play and went to school with Greg. He's flattered that something he wrote was garnered such attention, just pissed... change that to upset that it was used without his permission or acknowledgement. He's not an "I'm gonna sue their asses" sort of guy, so he's at a loss of what to do. He didn't wanna talk about it and he didn't wanna even think about it, but at the same time it threw him "off" for the rest of the night. When it was time to take back the videos from yesterday I just took my leave and came home.

Had some fun conversations with Daria when I got back and we seemed to connect, for however long. Then did some scanning, and played on the computer. Finally met up with Jason, that was nice. We only really meet about two, maybe three times a week at most lately. But when we do we seem to almost always have a good time. I think we prove as distractions from all the rest of the crap in each other's lives. He's a good friend and I feel lucky to have him in my life. I won't update you on all the stuff in his life as that may or may not bore you.

The scanner is still crashing me in certain situations, so if we're AIM'ing and I disappear... or don't respond to a message. That means I'm scanning and don't' wanna take a chance of crashing.


I bought a French and a Spanish language program when I got my scanner. Finally looked at em and they look pretty shitty to say the least. My own fault, I should know better than to buy cheap CD's. But I don't wanna pump out the cash for expensive ones either...


My cats have claimed my basket full of clean clothes and I just can't bear to put em away as they just look too darn cute laying there... shedding all over my stuff. Daria is sweet in that she saved a mandarin oranges box and lined it with newspaper. Its sitting by the kitchen table and the girls will take turns laying in it and looking around. Its right chin level when they lay down and seems to be the ideal size for them. I tell ya, these cats are too cute for words. Or is it just me that finds a kitty in an orange box to be the sweetest darn thing I've ever seen?

New journal I'm reading.... Brain Cells Squashed (the journal is not new, I'm just slow to find a good thing). Def have a look and get Karen's hits up (since her b/f is a media celebrity now). I meant to mention Karen awhile back but my distracted mind of late has prevented such a coherent reference. Pssssssst, I'm going to her wedding someday. :)

I finally was added to the list of Rooster journals, took every urge to not mail back and ask what took so long. Haven't decided if I'll put the banner I made back up or not, but you know me... I probably will, as I just think its such a good banner. But feel free to tell me different.

Oh yeah, I was bounced outta the "Just My Words" webring. My own fault though. I had fucked up the HTML and was added to the queue, and then I waited too long to get back and was automatically deleted. *sigh* And since I'm so damned lazy it does seem like A LOT of work to reapply. But the codes on my page so I probably will. Ok I will because I like the ring, its where I met Rodion after all, so it does have sentimental value and stuff. Yeah, yeah, yeah, that and its a good ring.

Ever notice what a small worldwide web it is? I was thinking I was somehow the only one that visited Sean Patrick Live regularly and last night he was the major topic of conversation in a chat room I was in. Someone mentioned his name and everyone started yakking like they knew him first hand. Just seemed odd, as I know I only happened across his site randomly. But I guess when you're cute people will find you and word will  get out (and he's a cutey). :)

Speaking of which, I've been noticing hits to this journal from my hometown, they seem to be increasing. By that I mean more IP's and hosts from here, and they're all regular hits. Whenever I see a new one I sorta cringe momentarily, but then I forget about it. At current there's about six of them. May not seem like much... but Six Degrees of Separation and all.

I used to not worry about people in my life who didn't have computers but I tend to forget about stuff like the public library, college, and YES net-connected friends who love to show off net access. But like I say in my disclaimer "if you think you know me, you're wrong."

PS: Sorry Shel, I crashed BIG TIME. And yep, he's a hunk he is, not to mention having a social conscious... gotta love that. *slurp*


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