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April 2 5:33 am


So I've been pissing around updating my links, altering some of my webring stuff, and playing Silly Buggar for several hours now. Just when I'm thinking about going offline I run into Noah. We get to chatting and he tells me he's started a rough journal tonight, and sends me to the page, etc... all the while claiming he's gonna tear it down once I've read it. I love it of course and tell him not to. We ebb and we flow and I'm being all pushy and forward... as I tend to be. THEN he mentions "its like how I felt when I posted that poem about you on my page"... I sorta stammer as I realize I've not seen it and feel like a bad friend for not reading and updating on his page as much as I should.

To make a long story short... Noah gives me the title, I read it, and I break into tears. Good tears mind you, not bad tears. Its truly one of the most beautiful presents I've ever received. I'm not over-klempt now, as we've been yakking for awhile since I read it. I'm just so overwhelmed that he went to that degree to express something about me, that he cares about me enough to do it, and that an affectionate gesture would make me so emotional. All those are good things, just not familiar feelings for me.

But my reaction convinced him that he shouldn't write a journal, but instead focus on other areas of expression. Well, well, well, had I known that....

I could talk more about it, but Noah knows how touched I am and how important that gesture was, as well as how deeply it affected me. Pssssssst, its on his page under writings... titled "You Go Where the Words Are". I'm still all warm and glowing. If you read it and you like it, let him know... if you don't, keep it to yourself. :)

But I just closed up my AOHell Instant Messenger, and my eyes are burning holes in my skull... hey, wait a minute my eyes ARE holes in my skull. Just my way of saying its time for bed. Night.


Much later... (actually the wee hours of the third, but I wanna update tomorrow so I'm passing this off as the 2nd)

Guess what? I ROCK!!! *G*... or at least that's what the title of a mail I received just recently (less than half an hour ago) stated. I read that and just had the biggest grin on. Thanks for you kind words... you know who you are. :)

So you may have noticed that I titled today's entry "I'm a sheep"... well there is a reason for that. Do let me explain... first a note though. I usually never title my entries, but I'm thinking of doing it for the index page and then just deleting the titles as I add new ones... I may I may not, haven't decided yet. Yeah James, WHATEVER. Ok, so back to me being a sheep.

Remember me bitching about, or was it mere grumbling about sites that go on and on about how fab they are etc? I'd mentioned the poor taste displayed by "the woman" who'd linked a site into the Tell Me site to stand as an example for what "not to do" if you want to be part of her ring, incidentally I found out that "she" is a guy... guess that makes me more sexist than I sometimes think I am. As due to the cutting tone etc of the page, I'd just assumed it was a woman with a really bad attitude. I know... my membership in the "conscious-raised" men's club will be revoked once this gets out. *sigh* (oops, off track yet once again - I promise that the next paragraph relates to the start of this one). As you were.

Well... I was surfing tonight and found yet another ring that interested me, it was the name that grabbed me... "Glass House Journals". People who live in Glass Houses is definitely a cliche that I actually like (and she had a snazzy graphic, that always grabs me), so I followed the link to the homepage, and it was the girl that was mentioned on the Tell Me site. She was pissed enough (rightfully) to form her own ring, and so I joined it. Her motivation to form the ring was very similar to Rachel's motivation behind the "Tabloid Dreams" ring. Which I also joined tonight, as I reread Rodion's urgings to get people to join the ring.

So basically I found two rings that I'm feeling really pleased about being a part of. I treat rings like I do journals, I love finding ones in their infancy and then will follow them religiously. Its always great to see how they advance and just what direction they take. That is if they'll have me... I'm still in the queue mind you, so I could have a whole new rant by tomorrow, you never know. J/K :)


Just found out today that the next six weeks at work will be hell. I'll be putting in a minimum of an extra 12 hours a week. Add that to a schedule that usually is a minimum of 50 hours and you get... let's see, 62 hours a week, yet it could be as high as 75 depending. Yes feel free to send flowers. But I'm STILL feeling really good about work. I have about 4 hours of "homework" to do tonight in addition to some web stuff, and will be back at work at 930 tomorrow. Yet I'm not the least bit distressed, like I said before... I'm amazing even myself at how productive I've been of late. Not only that but just how effortless its been. Definitely on a manic cycle here. Manic good, not manic bad. Ummm, I'm not manic (officially) BTW.


Daria has been lamenting SO much lately... she needs a boyfriend, a better job, a career in film, the cats to love her, a car, blah, blah, blah. blah. The girl's life is SO charmed its not even believable, yet she continues to lament and lament and lament. She keeps this up and I'll make her do yet more garbage digging to truly humble her. I'll give you a visual. Daria is about 5'10" maybe 5'9", between 115 and 120 (although 120 seems like a high estimate). She has jet black hair, very thick, and down to her shoulders in a blunt bobbed do. I was mentioning how bedraggled she looks in the morning and Greg goes "yeah, she looks like a broom on end." I swear I was on the floor laughing, cause she definitely DOES look like a broom. Tonight she was showing me some clothes she'd bought and I swear she's got such a supermodel body. The girl needs to be in a few Calvin Klein ads instead of pursuing film. She's too much, I swear.


Miscellaneous stuff...

1. Last night I won two hundred dollars playing the slots on my way home from work.

2. My trip fund is at 700 dollars right now.

3. I still haven't filed my taxes.

4. I'm currently reading "Murder on the Orient Express" and "Watership Down".

5. Last night I had a dirty dream about David Duchovny. He wanted me BIG TIME.

6. Daria hasn't done her dishes in three days.

7. Dan called me tonight, first time in almost a week. I thought he was dead.

8. I'm gonna start building my own chat system... not a room like I have on the home page, but the real deal. And no, don't ask me where it is or what its called.

9. I wondered if someone's husband recently bought them lunch at the V**t-We**. Cryptic? Yes. But you know who you are.

10. I received four mails about my disclaimer... thank ya dah-links. *bowing*


Not much else to say so I'm off to kiss those bad assed cats, finish my paperwork, and crawl into a hot bath.

PS: I haven't read The Tenant of Wildfeld hall, but it's on my "list" and I have seen the movie... watched it three times actually. Been wanting to read it for awhile now.

PPS: If you've mailed me recently and I haven't got back... its cause I haven't had time. Sorry, soon...

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